Be aware of Fake News

Journalism used to teach that journalists are to give an impartial report of the happenings in the society. Hence many government scandals have been exposed by honest newspaper reporters who bravely and tenaciously exposed the  truth.

Thousands march for Pro-life in Brisbane

But lately it has been known that newspapers are shamelessly being used by paying clients or some hidden  biased agenda, to propagate ‘fake news’.

One recent example happened in Brisbane, a City in Perth.

In February about 4000 people took to the streets in a March for Life. Mums, dads, children , youths and parliamentarians  walked under one of the hottest days on record to show their support of pro-life.

But no TV news covered the March.

Some  newspaper reported : “about a few hundreds of pro-lifers took part in a march.”

Instead a TV  station featured a  Prochoice Protest of about 30 persons.

However hundreds of photos and video- clips were posted of the pro-life march in Twitter and  Facebook.

Quickly the main daily newspapers   ‘up-dated’ their online story from ‘hundreds of pro-lifers’ to ‘ almost 4000 pro-lifers’.

If Christians are aware and concerned and know social media  technology they can use Twitter, Facebook or create a personal blog to post and provide unbiased reporting to counter what the TV and newspapers are not reporting truthfully.


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