All in the Family

An employer cares for her employee

By Penny Chong

Twenty over years ago, we employed Emily from the Philippines to help with the household chores and to look after our third child who was due in a couple of weeks’ time. After Daryl was born, Emily became his nanny looking after him day and night while I went back to work. As my job took up so much of my time, I had to depend on Emily to care not only for infant Daryl, but also Min Hui who was eight years old and Daniel who was six. Eventually, I quit my job when Daryl was six months old. Although I was a full time mum, I still needed Emily to help with the children and to do the household chores.

Time flies.

After Emily had been working with us for 21 years her family required her to go back to the Philippines to care for her aged parents. Although we were reluctant to let her go as she has been part of our family; but it was only fair for her  to have her own life. I was helpless to offer her any future after she had spent all her golden years with us.  She had been a faithful helper all these years, and now  she had to leave as a single person without a family of her own.

Emily reading to Daryl


While in Perth, I met Peter Ball an Australian who attended FGAMarket Place Church.  I came to know that he was looking for a partner and I confirmed it with Goldie and Dr Chong, the pastors of the church.  Goldie met Emily when she came to our house in Petaling Jaya.  Since both Emily and Peter were Christians, she was also in favour that we match-make them.  With the agreement of Emily, Peter contacted her from Perth. Subsequently, Peter came to Petaling Jaya to meet her.

Violet & Ian Dickson visited the Balls in Manila recently

Peter & Emily Ball

I believe it is by the grace of God, both Peter and Emily were fond of each other.  At this time, Emily was due to go back to the Philippines.  After she went back, Peter went to the Philippines to meet her family. After about three months’ courtship, they got married in Perth and continued to attend FGA Marketplace Church, thus strengthening their faith. Eventually they moved to the Philippines.

FGAMarketplace Church members & friends at the wedding at the Perth foreshore

Tek was the celebrant for the wedding

My present

On my part, I am very happy to find Emily a husband; that is the best present I can give her to see her happily settled back in the Philippines.  Peter prefers the Philippines to Perth and they are living there now.  I want to tell Emily that  I appreciate the many years she has given to my family and pray God’s blessings for both of them with endless years of happiness together. END

Penny has three grown children.  She helps in her husband’s business and goes on mission trips frequently. The Chongs worship in DUMC in Malaysia


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  1. April 2017 Feedback from readers for: Issue 28 Articles about: All in the Family
    Dear Goldie

    All my family have picked it up they all over the world NZ, France, Uk and Emily’s brothers are on the seas somewhere.

    Peter Ball

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