Going to Kuching Family Camp

Tek’s side of the story

By Tek Chong

With Florence at camp

While Florence was still in Perth several years ago and told me about her church in Kuching, I felt a strong urge from the Lord that Goldie  and I should go and share with them  on family building and marketplace ministry. Two years later when the invitation actually came, they confirmed that we should  share on these same topics. When Goldie said she was not keen to go, I knew in my heart that we would go. When she kept on telling me to decline the request, I was still very sure that the Lord wanted us to go. Not only that but we would go with a small team. In spite of Goldie’s insistent refusal I was confident enough to tell Florence that we would be there. And sure enough Goldie agreed at the last minute. When Kee How and Soomy Cheng readily accepted our invitation to go  with us, we had our team.

The reason I was sure of going is because I felt that there is primarily a general principle of  always to answer a call ( in this case from a Kuching church) to do what we have been endowed to do – family and marketplace ministry. The principle is made clear in this account of Paul answering the Macedonia call:

That night Paul had a vision: A man from Macedonia in northern Greece was standing there, pleading with him,Come over to Macedonia and help us!”
So we decided to leave for Macedonia at once, having concluded that God was calling us to preach the Good News there.”  

Acts 16:9,10

Another reason concerns submission to headship. Submitting is not required when:

it is against scriptural values.

there is a ‘no’ from the Lord with clear explanation of why not. It should not be ‘I don’t like it’ ( i.e. personal likes or dislikes).

I believe that when there is a specific call to the family, God will speak to the head. If the head is sure of the call, he can expect the Lord to tell the rest of the family. He need not strive as his recourse is to the Lord. 

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