New Life in Asian Beacon 2017

The new Honorary Secretary has transformed the AB office

By Patrick Leong

Patrick Leong
Yes indeed Asian Beacon is alive and well and on the road to doing better. The enthusiastic new team that has taken over since the AGM has inspired me, the Honorary Secretary, to undertake the transformation of the AB office.

I want to share about some prophecies given me early last year: one was personal but the other one which I did not understand at the time was about me doing some ‘renovation: taking down and putting up’ of a place which at the time didn’t exist.

Then while I was working in the AB office in April, I remembered that prophecy. 

I gasped, ‘this is the place’.

Wow, all the more my faith in AB was greatly affirmed knowing that this was indeed a divine time I am here serving in AB. 

I was passionate about the renovation and transformation, making it look professional and presentable. 

Now when we walk inside,  life has  returned to the place.

One of the signs of life is the building of a bird’s nest outside our office window.

I was thrilled to watch the bird picking up pieces day by day to build the nest.  I caught a silhouette of it on our curtain shade as the morning sun projected the shadow of the nest and bird in the process.  I felt blessed catching this picture because I felt also God’s favor has returned to the ministry. So indeed this is the time to reboot, to really make  AB surge ahead once again. 

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