A Time to Laugh July 2017

At a party, a lady boasting of her ancestry cooed, “It goes back to William the Conqueror.” Then turning to a woman sitting nearby she asked with an air of superiority, How far does your family go back?”

“I really don’t know.” The woman responded, “because all our records were lost in the Flood.”

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An American tourist on a visit to the Holy Land came to the tourist office to find out more about driving on roads in Israel. She was informed by one of the agents that it was now possible to go by car all the way from Dan to Beersheba. She replied, “I never knew that Dan and Beersheba were places. I always thought that they were husband and wife just like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

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Two elders were discussing a sermon just delivered by the young and new assistant pastor. “I thought it was divine” said the first elder, “it reminded me of the peace of God which passes understanding.”

“Funny I thought it was divine too,” said the other, “only it reminds me of the mercies of the Lord which endure forever.”

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If you want to catch fish, don’t throw your net in the bath tub. Reinhart Bonke, Evangelist.

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