Feedback Snapshot for July 31 2017

We are very much encouraged by some of the feedback we received. Some of you have asked if you may re -post articles. Please do so – we appreciate if you can kindly give our link in the posting.

We are glad that the editor Sau Fong of Tek’s Hong Kong University Christian Association Alumni Blog posted two of his articles recently.  Sau Fung (with the help of husband YamTong Siu) is now the Professor Emeritus of Social Science in an Ivy League Institution in America. We received a very pleasant surprise from dear CA alumni Dr David Lee from Florida.

We find that our Blog is a good way to keep in touch with old friends. As we are new in blogging, only recently have we managed to find out how we can monitor the number of ‘visits & visitors’. Some articles seem to have attracted a few hundred hits.

We do wish to hear feedback from more old friends, even more so from new friends.

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By Tek Chong

What a delightful surprise and joy to read Tek”s two articles:  “The Night of the Long Knives: Instead of death, it brought life” and “The Christmas Goose Was not Cooked”.  I remember the CA Oratorio on Handel’s Messiah very well.  I was allowed to be in the base section – I believe more to beef up the number and to augment the “spirit” (every CA member participated).  Music-wise my contribution was to make sure to keep the “noise” of my flat notes from ruining the beautiful harmony of the section!  I have retired from clinical practice since 2011.  While ageing is a very humbling process, it has the bright side of increasing one’s dependence on God.

David Lee, Los Angeles

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Tek & Goldie. your work has been an inspiration to my life. In the 70s, the Asian Beacon was my favourite read as a teenager searching for meaning & purpose in life. Thanks for sowing the seed!

Lim Tou Boon & family, Phnom Penh

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By Penny Ching

All my family have picked up your article “All in the Family” about Emily’s time in Malaysia with the Ching family.  Our relatives are all over the world NZ, France, Uk and Emily’s brothers are on the seas somewhere.

Peter Ball, Philippines

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By Tek Chong

Much encouraged by your honest and frank sharing re your beloved mum and her unconditional love for your siblings.

Edmund Tay Hock Kim, Melaka

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By Sim Ai Hiong

This closer look at my husband’s colleague Chia Nyoke Lin touched me as I recall her personality and trust in God. I was with her at a healing service recommended by friends. but she was put off by the speaker’s rough mannerism when he pushed her to the floor. she was not healed but accepted whatever her Lord allowed. Her humility is an example for me.

Hwa Bee Teik, Malaysia

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By Tek & Goldie Chong

I’ve truly enjoyed reading all your adventures as husband and wife, full of witty remarks, frankness and openness which is what makes it REAL. Thank you for your encouraging musings and open sharing.

Edmund Tay, Melaka

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By Patrick Loo

Hi Patrick, How nice to know of your interest in herbs, vegies and a preventative lifestyle through organic nutrition. Malaysia has a great collection of herbs and the rainforest is a pharmacological treasury. Dato Seri Lim Chong Keat in Penang has a large range of native ginger and ventures into the remote jungles in search of more undiscovered ginger species. I have some friends in Kuala Lumpur who are into aquaponics. Food integrity is a concern. This morning a friend sent me a video of nasi lemak where the rice is fake, made of some non-organic material. There are fake sauces and fake eggs etc. A limited solution is to be self-sufficient in vegies at least and be sure of the source of food. Everyone can grow fruit and vegies in small areas and in containers or use hydroponics where there is adequate hours of sunlight.

Steve Oh, Perth


By Patrick Loo

I am very interested in turning my organic wastes into useful fertilizer. Please tell me how you do it. Besides putting organic wastes into the container, what else do you add inside? Bacteria, worms etc. I used to simply bury them in the soil. I guess that is not the right way to do it. I live in a condominium.

Dixie Chua, Singapore


By Patrick Loo

It has been about 2 1/2 years since we went to Cambodia. Nowadays, Peter has been planting fruit trees and herbs in our back garden. One-thing, I would like to ask you, why our avocado tree does not fruit after 7 or more years. It has flowers but they dropped and left no fruit. Our fig tree is fruitful the last 3 years. We have 4 blueberries that produce tiny little blueberries. Maybe, this winter we are going to transfer them into big pots and my daughter said: it will be easier to manage.

Herlina Chee, Perth

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HERE I AM IN MELAKA AGAIN Adventures with old and new friends

By Tek Chong

It was so very nostalgic for me to read both your articles about old Malacca days, dear Dr Chong & Goldie, with wonderful mention of dear friends like Rosalind Oh, Lee Char Kuen & Gan Chui Peng! Do keep up your super creative model writing that I so love to read!

June Ngoh, Singapore


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