CLIP – Education in Japan


Children who have their 6th birthday on or before April 1 enter the first grade of elementary school of that year.
School year starts in April and ends in March. For Japanese nationals, six years at elementary school and three years at junior high school (total nine years) are compulsory. Although foreign nationals are not subject to Japanese compulsory education, they may enter local elementary/junior high schools if they wish.

Some public elementary, junior high or high schools have developed an environment to accept foreign nationals and/or Japanese children returning from abroad. Contact the municipal office in the ward (or city, town or village) where you reside for more information. After graduating from junior high school, children may choose to continue their education to high school and then to university or to find employment.

Elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, technology colleges, junior colleges, universities and graduate schools in Japan are national, public or private institutes. Special schools are available for physically/mentally-challenged children who may have difficulty in studying at general schools. Source[1]

Japanese school system consists of:[2]

  • 6 years of elementary school,
  • 3 years of junior high school,
  • 3 years of senior high school and
  • 4 years of University.



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