Clip – Give thanks in all circumstances

Fandy Kho was born in 1996 with an unusually large head and unstable eyeballs. Because Fandy lives in a remote area of Palopo there is no proper treatment that can help him. Until finally when he was 18 months old, Fandy was brought to Malaysia. Fandy who was still an infant was diagnosed with brain tumours.

The Choices given to his parents were very hard. Wither he has to be operated and lose his sight forever or he will suffer down syndrome. With a heavy heart, the family too the decision to have the operation for Fandy which caused his optic nerves to fail and consequently making him blind.

In the year 2000, Fandy suffered a big loss, his mother whom he loved dearly was no longer in His life, his father remarried and Fandy was cared for and taught to be independent by his Step Mother who loves him dearly, Fandy is now 21 and actively serving God, with the talent God gave him singing and play his piano, Fandy is a young man who has never stopped giving thanks and never gave up no matter what his circumstances were.


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