Till we meet again

Fare-welling two loved ones

By Tek & Goldie Chong


Lawrence & May Lo

We were in London for four weeks enjoying a very happy time with Lisal our third daughter and her husband Lee and their two lively daughters Nelia & Naomi when we received the sad news that two precious persons will not be in Perth when we return home.

Lawrence Lo

We have known Lawrence and May Lo for more than 20 years and recently celebrated his 71st birthday as one of our most regular attendees in our weekly fellowship. Lawrence was a successful self-made businessman, confident and active.

His wife May was very eager that he become a Christian so whenever he was in town she would arrange meals with us so that he could get to know we were not scary Christians. Over time her strategy worked because we did become good friends and Tek had the privilege of baptizing him.

Some years ago, he was diagnosed with a blood vessel aneurysm in his brain. Taking the option of a very delicate operation (or leaving the time-bomb which may erupt any time), the result was the loss of much movement in his limbs, a handicap which affected him badly. May, his loving wife has shown such tender, patient care for him, she has been an exemplary illustration of “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.”

Faithfully attending a good church Victory Life regularly, Lawrence’s faith deepened and matured.  We look forward to his loud hearty greeting (which he always greeted Tek) as he welcomes us in heaven. Our fellowship members will miss Lawrence. But we know that when we next meet again we will see him strong and in perfect health.

Avril Chew

The other person we will miss is  Avril our niece, the daughter of my brother Kwong Wai and his wife Siew Ngo.   Out of the blue she had a massive bleeding in her brian and left us abruptly.

We grieve for her young family, husband Dr David Chew and her two teenage children Rachel and Justin. Relatives immediately  flew in from Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand, Sydney and Melbourne. During the memorial service we celebrated her well- lived life of 46 years. 

In eulogies, between tears and laughter, her mother, brother, childhood friend, medical colleague and husband testified how Avril was used by God to be a blessing, showing generosity, compassion, kindness not only to her loving family but to so many others, including many of her patients.

The church was completely  packed to the balcony and overflow hall with those who loved her and who took a Monday morning off to bid farewell to this remarkable  young woman.

Her pastor, Peter Smith gave a message of comfort and hope, urging those present that Avril would have desired that they all would, like her have the assurance of salvation and eternal life by following Jesus: the way, the truth and the life.

Avril’s family with overseas relatives after the funeral

The passing away of these two precious persons was sad. But from their death and their lives we can clearly see how we Christians can indeed pull out the sting of death.  We grieve over their departure but we confidently and joyfully say adios, au revoir, till we meet again. 

If you want to know more about the joyous hope of reunion in heaven, see “What is Christianity?”  & “Nearing Home” in this issue



  1. August 2017 Feedback from readers for: Issue 32 Articles about: Till we meet again

    I read the passing of the two dear persons with sadness too, although I did not know either of them. I knew of Avril as my own nieces, Crystal and Jamine, her cousins played with her as children and the family often heard her name mentioned.

    I feel for the grieving families, for it is always a shock to face death. In my own experience of losing my husband and my parents, it is taking a life time of coming to terms with the no negotiation about when one leaves the earth. My sympathies go to those who love Lawrence and Avril. Sansan Ching Sweeting from Hong Kong.

  2. August 2017 Feedback from readers for: Issue 32 Articles about: Till we meet again

    Praise almighty God for their lives! I will always remember dearly the time many years ago in Wembley, when I played (?cricket) with David and saw Avril there among the other children. Not a common name Avril, but a nice one no doubt! (Hosea 13:14)

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