The Ching 程 Dynasty Reunion

London July 2017
By Goldie Chong

Ching Dynasty Reunion 8-10 July 2017 at De Vere Beaumont Estate, UK*

Ching Dynasty Reunion in Perth 2009

We were in London in July; the purpose was to visit our third daughter Lisal’s family and to join in my Ching family reunion. We love family get-togethers and try to attend as many family functions as possible. This one was memorable with thirty-nine relatives: all five Ching siblings and their spouses, their children and grandchildren. Some came from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and UK.

Tek, Adoree, Goldie

Adoree, the eldest Ching sibling welcomed the members of DYNASTY (coined by our parents for the Ching clan).

Goldie then urged everyone to observe the guideline (stated below) in order to enjoy the gathering.

Attitude & Action for this weekend’s reunion

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths

but only what is helpful in building others up

according to their


needs that it may benefit those who listen

Naomi, Lisal's 5 yr.old daughter won the memory prize

A prize was offered for the person who can memorize this.


We had our gatherings on the lawn in beautiful weather (Right)

*De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor is about an hour’s drive from London. It is an 18th-century mansion, with a chapel and a Georgian white house in 40 acres of parkland grounds. The original house was built for Lord Weymouth but it was a public school from 1854-1967 before it was turned into a beautiful hotel.


Lt. to rt. Sansan, Goldie, Adoree, Jenny (as usual Biller sits quietly in front while his four older sisters talk)

The four Ching sisters Adoree, Goldie, Sansan, Jenny and one brother Biller who live in different parts of the world have been having regular reunions with our parents Renald and Louise.

Even after Louise’s death at 102 we continued meeting with our children and grandchildren. We are all on good terms with one another.

We are grateful that our family enjoy this kind of harmony. That is, until we heard about Connie’s family.


Connie, Biller Ching’s wife has two sisters and a brother living in Canada, US and Hongkong. The siblings are so close-knit that they talk every week using googlechat, sometimes for as long as three hours at a time. Besides sharing verbally, they also send each other stuff which they think the others would find useful.

For those living in Toronto they have dinners weekly with their daughter-in-law Michelle’s family.  In this world where we hear of children taking legal action against their parents and siblings avoid talking to each other, we thank God for love and peace in our families.


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