Lovers for 53 Years

Sharing our secrets

By Goldie Chong

It was Tek who reminded me in the morning that 26 Dec. 2018 Boxing Day was  our 53rd wedding anniversary.  We hugged and gave thanks to God.  We agreed that 53 years together is a demonstration of tolerance, patience, forgiveness, humility, etc.  We definitely needed supernatural help to do this. Even in the past week we had such heated disagreements that we threatened to go our separate ways and do our different things. About ten years ago a friend remarked in surprise, “you mean after so many years of marriage you still cannot agree.”  Not surprising at all. We will continue to disagree until the day we die. That’s what makes life so exciting. But we always come back to our senses and obey God to tolerate, forgive, humble ourselves….

Celebrating with family at Long Lae Thai Restaurant

Standing L – R  Haydn, Jasmine, Smathi (nephew), Kirstyn, Ryan  Sitting L-R Goldie, Tek, Andrew


How it started…… Tek wrote to Goldie in US in 1964



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  1. January 2018 Feedback from readers for: Issue 36 Articles about: Lovers for 53 Years

    Congratulations to Goldie and Tek !!

    They are Au and Fe (Gold and Iron), as we knew them in our childhood. The most precious metal on earth and the most common metal on earth, embodying a formidalbe partnership for the past 53 years. They are made to last and bring stability and substance to the world. Many happy years of continued heated disagreements and loving hugs !

    The proposal of marriage is the best I’ve known.

    From an admiring sister, Sansan

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