I saw, I believed

On Christmas day we worshipped in Kingsway Methodist Church, Chinese service. We were privileged to witness the meaningful water baptism of Sharon Huang and Liu Yuge from china. This church has a caring ministry to reach these overseas friends. Their testimonies demonstrate the effectiveness of this vibrant group of caring and loving believers. Editor.

Left to Right: Sean, Adriana, Goldie, Tek, Sharon, Ps. Wong

I saw, I believed

Then I made my decision

By Sharon Huang

“We have to prepare for an emergency landing.  Please keep calm, everything is under control”.

I was indeed calm because coming from China I had no idea what the air hostess was announcing in English. I wondered why the old lady next to me was trembling.  Seeing I could not understand English, she alerted another passenger in front of us to ask her to explain to me our dangerous situation. This Chinese lady calmly explained to me what was happening. I then observed how she tried to comfort and care for all the distraught passengers around her. I thought, what a kind person she is who is concerned for these strangers like they were her own family. For the first time I saw christian kindness demonstrated. That was how I got to know Lisa. When finally, we landed, all the passengers stood up spontaneously to clap.  It was then I realised we had had a very narrow escape.


While studying in Perth I was invited to a home fellowship. There I get to know a group of people – Adriana, Liz Chang, Charles, Arthur and others, I felt their sincerity, warmth and genuine helpfulness and was so grateful by their treating me like a member of the family. This was the first time I experienced a Christian family’s friendship.    


When I moved to another suburb, I often took a lift to church from Sook Fei. While travelling in the car and chatting, the joyful atmosphere was like as if we were going on an outing, I noted the harmony and love that existed among her family members which consists of sister and brother,  sister- in- law and a healthy 80 year old mother.  I was impressed by how a Christian family who worships God together can have such a beautiful, united relationship. 


On one occasion I was invited to join JK and Chee on a tour to the Australian country side. Being together for a whole day I observed how lovingly this husband and wife treated each other. I concluded that a couple who worships God can remain as lovers for life.


In this year’s church family camp, I shared a room with Jhuang Yan. We had many hours of talking with her sharing many of her personal life experiences.  Patiently as a loving mother explaining the importance of eating a healthy diet to her child, she told me about the good news of eternal benefits of believing in Jesus Christ.

As I continued to attend the church fellowship I was fed God’s truth as I witnessed Pastor Wong King Ping’s teaching as well as his godly life. I was helped by Sean Kao who patiently answered all my questions. Through the dedication of the Christians around me I began to realize my own pride, selfishness, envy and evil. I used to think that I was a pretty good person because I tried to work hard, be helpful, avoid harming others, etc. But I began to realise that all this is still about ME. In the past when I first read the Love Chapter 1 Corinthians 13, I thought it described the romantic love of men and women. But now I realize that it is actually the beautiful and happy relational lifestyle for all. If every Christian love’s and treat others like this everyone will be able to know God’s love.


I have come to see that the people who worship God are blessed in their lives, their families, workplaces, etc. I have been included in these blessings. I wish to thank all who have so unselfishly shown me love and patiently led me to know God, first through seeing their lives and examples, then being touched in my heart to desire to be like them.  With God’s help I will also follow their example to share my blessing with others.  

Sharon has been in Perth for two years studying English.




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