A website for marketplace ministry

Real Stories, Real Challenges, Real Victories

A Singapore website was recently launched in January 2018 as a platform to facilitate marketplace unity in Singapore and the region. It hosts articles, devotionals, videos and news relevant to the marketplace. It also has profiles of Christians who share their experiences of living out their faith in the marketplace.

Born out of the unity of like-minded individuals from all stations in life who felt the need to connect and unify Christians who spend much of their time in the marketplace, and who desire to live fruitful lives according to God’s will and plans.  provides opportunities for honest conversations about life in the marketplace, with the ups and downs of corporate life, about earnestly seeking God and experiences of times of dryness. is also about leadership and being people of influence in the marketplace. It tries to answer or propose the “how”, as ordinary believers, we could empower each other to influence and impact others by putting God first (not only on Sundays) but every other day of the week.

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