A change of perspective

From tragedy to blessing

By Richard Tok

Differently endowed

Dr and Mrs Lam Pan Nam had three daughters, Xin Jie went to Harvard, Shu Jie became an award-winning scientist, but Hui Jie was born with cerebral palsy who needed special care. At age six Hui Jie,  was one of the earliest children to be brought by her desperate parents to PPIA  (Persatuan Perkhidmatan Intrvensi Awal / Early Intervention Center ) a community care ministry of Grace Church which my wife Mary spear-headed to cater to the mentally challenged and special needs children and families. At that time Wednesdays were days for Center personnel to appraise work and make preparations for teaching. It was also time, outside of school hours, for prayer and meeting parents for personal attention, to talk and pray for them. Staff shared that there were areas in life beyond human effort and wisdom; that’s when we turn to God.

Unexpected hope

A Parents Support Group was formed. In coming to the centre, Mrs Lam soon found spiritual and emotional support. Time with Mary bore fruit and she opened herself to the Lord Jesus. She invited us to visit her husband at home. Over time, conversation and prayer, he also turned to the Lord. They joined the inquirers’ class and were later baptised. Soon his whole family was also baptised. Then they opened their home to host Bible Study and fellowship.

Dr Lam’s initial fervour was obvious as he wanted his friends to know the Lord too. So we actively visited his friends for him to give his testimony and share the Gospel. He learned fast; key verses from Romans were memorised and used as a tool to share the Good News. As a team we went sowing the seed and saw some fruit in a short time.

Soon he was wanting to be of use and service. He came in to assist the Parents Support Group and later became PPIA’s Fund Raising chairman. As a paediatrician he was a great help to parents and children who came to him. As a believing parent he was a real inspiration to everyone especially to his wife and children. Their whole focus and perspective of life changed- from being burdened with emotional pain and lamenting about a curse, they realized God was using their child as an instrument to heal, share and actively help others. The Almighty loving God has given these parents very differently endowed daughters to spread His good news to different people in different areas of human need.

INDEED, The Lord has done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes  


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