A Time to Laugh August 2018

Have you ever thought why?  men chase women they have no intention of marrying?

They have the same urge that makes dogs chase after cars they have no intention of driving.

Interviewer: So, tell me about yourself.

Me: I’d rather not. I really want this job..

Our generation doesn’t ring he doorbell.

We text or call to say we are  outside. MINIONS

A family of four were involved in a car crash. The police rushed to the scene and found the passengers shocked and traumatised and unable to speak.

The officer spotted a monkey on the front seat. To his delight, this was an intelligent creature. “What was the man doing before the crash?”

Gesticulating with its fingers, the monkey imitated a man drinking from a can?  “So, Dad was drinking beer.” The monkey nodded.

“What was Mum doing?”  The monkey began to point an accusing finger and moving it around. “She was scolding her children?”  Again he monkey nodded several times.   “Why was she berating them?” This time it gave a demonstration of two kids fooling around in the back seat? “Naughty kids, eh?”

The monkey screeched excitedly.

“Then who was driving?” Proudly the monkey pointed to himself, grabbed the steering wheel and spun it round and round!



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