He didn’t become a pastor

Any regrets?

By Tek & Goldie Chong

Staying in Lay Hua’s home in KL we got to meet all kinds of fascinating people; one of them was “Mr A”. He told us his testimony….


“Mr A” didn’t aim to be a businessman. 

He wanted to become a teacher. But during his third year in university, he was challenged by Oswald Chamber’s book My Utmost for His Highest whether he was willing to give up everything to be a pastor or a missionary.

On his graduation he was posted to Sabah as a teacher. He taught for five and a half years and all this time was open to be called into full time service. He started a company with another Christian partner and told him that if God was to call him into full time service, he would leave the business world.

God did call. He used a prophet to tell him, “Some people are called to full time service, but you are not one of them!”

Struggling against guilt (people accused him that he was lost to the world), he was relieved that God had anointed him to be a businessman.  Looking back, he knew it was His Master’s doing.

He realized God has given him a gift of creating wealth.  As a successful businessman, with funds at his disposal, he finds joy in operating in his gift of helps, giving, encouraging, extending hospitality, etc. (Rom. 12.8)

Another prophet shared with him that “God is raising a generation of His servants who are faceless, who will not project themselves’’.  So, “Mr A” is careful to serve in the background, not letting his right hand know what his left is doing. (Matt. 6.3)  He feels it is a privilege to be an unnamed servant who does his Master’s bidding, not expecting thanks. (Luke 17:10) Following the suggestion of Bob Buford, the author of Half Time, he wants his epitaph to read “Here lies a good and faithful servant of the Most High God’’.

“Mr A” put his money where his mouth is. 

Being a connoisseur of durians, he invited us to eat durians the next day.  But we had another appointment, so he took all the trouble of bringing the durians to Lay Hua’s house.  He personally tasted one seed of every durian fruit, choosing the best of the best.  We were privileged to be considered by him to be servants of the Most High God so he served us with the best durians as a ‘good & faithful servant’.

We hope he did not regret being a pastor. We certainly are glad he became a rich businessman. 



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  1. September 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: ISSUE 43

    Love his testimony!
    We need committed Christian businessmen to do God’s work!

    May God richly bless Mr A. and raise more humble servants for His kingdom.

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