We couldn’t have made all these appointments

Meeting up with good friends in Kuala Lumpur in Aug.2018

By Tek & Goldie Chong

In Kuala Lumpur we usually stay with Lay Hua whom we knew since she was a student. How we met is truly a divine appointment.  Her teacher had given her a copy of Asian Beacon and she wanted to meet Goldie from reading the Dear Goldie Q&A column, so she hitched-hiked from Teluk Anson to Melaka without knowing our address. The lorry driver who gave her a lift happened to drop her outside Tek’s clinic.  And that’s how our lives became entwined until today. *

With Siew & Lay Hua

Her husband Siew happened to come back from overseas the weekend we were there, so we enjoyed a great time of fellowship. 

He recalled that he was attracted to Lay Hua from seeing her photo in Asian Beacon.

This family’s ties with Asian Beacon resulted in another match-making miracle. 

From AB’s pen pal column, # Lay Hua’s sister Nelly corresponded with Kok Yin and eventually married him. Forty years later, we met three generations of their family.

With Kok Yin & Nelly & their daughter & grandson, three generations started by Asian Beacon’s penpal column

L-R TC, Sian Li, Goldie, Tek, Jit Cheng, Fan Ngian, Jean at DUMC

With Jit Cheng

Having lunch with Fan Ngian and Sian Li at the DUMC café we bumped into Jit Cheng whom we knew when he was studying in Perth. Now the chairman of the elder’s board, he was in a hurry to attend a meeting but not too busy to sit down to have a chat.

Who should come by but TC and Jean, Fan Ngian and Sian Li’s mentorees in the Alpha Marriage ministry. They were the ‘sofa couple’ at that day’s session so we joined them to see how they do it. 

At the session who should we meet but Bob and Ruby the facilitators and their helpers Kay Yeow and Rachel and Daniel and Christine – all related to people we know mutually.

More divine appointments included meeting Pit Lin (who studied in Perth) as we were walking upstairs and Low Mei Ling’s husband Eng Choon in the lobby (see her testimony in July #42)  Also in the lobby we caught up with Isaac and Penny who are loyal supporters of Asian Beacon.

From meeting up with our nephew John who was on help-desk duty, we got a lift from him to Melaka for our family reunion, saving us the trouble of finding our own transport. We were thankful that all these were divine appointments, arranged by Father to bless us. 

We couldn’t have made such wonderfully well-timed arrangements if we had to do it ourselves.  

*See Goh Lay Hua’s story in this blog A Reunion to Cherish Jan. 2015 and Our Malaysia Trip June 2017 and Asian Beacon vol.37 no.4 2005

#Nelly and Kok Yin became penpals in Asian Beacon’s vol.9 no.1, 1977




  1. October 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: We Couldn’t Have Made All Those Appointments ISSUE 43

    Dear sister. Goldie, this is Karen & Edwin Choo. I’m so glad I found your website. We will be visiting Perth for a week during Christmas period and hope to catch up with you and Dr Chong.

  2. September 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: ISSUE 43

    I’m truly amazed how the Goldie and Tek gather memories from their encounters with people from so many years back, and roll them into inspirational stories.

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