I couldn’t believe God would do a Miracle for me

For others, yes, but……

By Carol Lim

MIRACLES – the Bible is full of them! My family experienced them, my friends received them, and many people I know have testified about them. As a Spirit-filled and Bible-believing Christian, I should have no problems believing in miracles, right? Indeed, I did not have a problem believing for miracles for other people. I have even seen many miracles happen before my very eyes. I had the faith to intercede for miracles to be done in others’ lives. But I did not have the faith to believe that God would bring miracles into my life.

I had a wrong concept of our Heavenly Father.

I felt that I was not worthy to receive good gifts from Him. I felt that He would pass me by because I was “not up to His standard”. This wrong concept stemmed from a lack of faith and unworthiness. Well, God is a creative and humorous God. Over the years, through countless encounters, He has taught me about His miracle- working ability. There was a significant incident in particular, that drove home this truth.

In 2006, I went for a tonsillectomy in a private hospital. My tonsils were so swollen that the doctor had them removed and sent for a biopsy. The results indicated that I had lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).

It was like a death sentence.

My whole world came crashing down. I could not believe my ears and I sank into deep sorrow. I asked God, “Why me? What went wrong? Where am I going to find the finances for treatment? What will happen to me? What is going to happen to my husband and child?” All these questions filled my mind. I cried bitterly. I felt as if life had been snatched away from me. In my desperation, all I knew was to pray and read His Word. These were some of the words that God gave to strengthen me:

  With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation. Psalm 91:16

  Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Psalm 100:3

  Save us and help us with Your right hand that those You love may be delivered. Psalm 108:6

My brother-in-law urged me to read all the different prophetic words that had been given to me. These words told me that my life had a purpose and that I should persevere. Coupled with God’s Word, they gave me the courage to fight on.

My family, pastors and friends prayed really hard for me.

They bathed the entire situation with prayer. Words of encouragement, care and concern flooded my mobile phone. Pastors visited and prayed with me. Friends volunteered to take leave to accompany me for treatment if I needed them to. My family was my pillar of strength on which I leaned. I was very touched by their gestures of love.

Carol, her husband, Dr John Chia

My husband and I decided to seek a second opinion at the Singapore National Cancer Centre. Dr John Chia, an oncologist from the Department of Medical Oncology assessed my condition. What followed next was a series of daunting tests: bone marrow aspiration (that was the most painful), blood tests, cardiac test and CT scan. I don’t know which was worse: the tests or the subsequent wait for each result. My days were filled with fears, tears and a sense of impending doom. I really felt like a criminal on Death Row, awaiting execution.

A week later, my husband and I went back to see Dr Chia. What came next totally surprised us. Dr Chia confirmed that it was only a bacterial infection, not cancer. This was clearly a case of wrong diagnosis!

The first thing I could think of was to give all glory and thanks to God for His mighty deliverance!

Imagine… I could have been treated for a cancer I did not have. God totally delivered me from this ordeal!

My family and I want to thank God for Dr Chia.

He was wise, caring, empathetic and truly a God-send. He did not just treat me based on the results from the private hospital. Instead, he sent me for further tests. Thank God that the pathologist correctly diagnosed my case.

Many lessons were learnt from this ordeal. God’s Word sustained me. I love His Word even more now because they are more than just words to me. His Word became real and alive, and ministered to me day and night. His promises and words of assurance preserved me and kept me alive.

How true Proverbs 4:20-22 was during my darkest period! My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body.

Again, God broke my mindset. I thought God would not hear my prayers. But He did! God has not forgotten about me and I am worthy to receive His blessing of deliverance.

Life is transient.

Every day is precious to me, as I do not know what will happen tomorrow or how long I will live. I live each day with a purpose, appreciating the people and little things around me, loving God and life, which is a gift from God. It is so appropriate what John Keating said in Dead Poets Society: “Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!” This describes my daily motto.

Many years ago, I received a prophetic word about our God being a good Father who likes to surprise me with gifts that would blow me away. I have definitely been “blown away” by His goodness and faithfulness in my life! He has, through many encounters, surprised me again and again with His ability as a miracle-working God.

I now truly understand the meaning of one of my favourite verses: If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!(Matthew 7:11).

Knowing this truth has set me free to live a life according to His calling and purposes. This powerful truth has left an indelible imprint in my heart. Never again would I doubt His love and goodness for me. So, do you still believe that God works miracles today? Are you facing a dead-end situation that spells impossibility?If you are in desperate need of God’s miracle, just turn and put your total trust in Him because Jesus said: “With man … is impossible but with God all things are possible” (Matt 19:26). 



Carol Lim started writing as a volunteer for Singapore Trinity Christian Centre’s magazine, The Trinitarian, since 2006.

She is also the editorial coordinator for her denomination, Assemblies of God Singapore’s bi-monthly publication ‘AG Times’.

She paints and does crafts when she has extra time, besides taking care of her household. She is married with two children.



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