Whether you call or not

Jehovah Jireh provides

By Goldie Chong

No More Leftovers

One day I was just thinking what to have for dinner after clearing up all the leftovers.  Then Kar Meng our friend who is a pastor as well as a good cook sent a text saying ‘’Sorry for the late notice but will you be at home if I bring over some fish curry for lunch today’’. 

I thought what good timing – my problem solved.  So, he came, and we had our usual wonderful fellowship with delicious fish curry plus another egg dish that he cooked.

There was enough to repeat for dinner. 

No Bread

That evening we went to Immanuel Methodist Youth fellowship to speak.  I had intended to go to the supermarket to buy bread on our way in anticipation of inviting someone for breakfast after the church prayer meeting the next day. But it slipped my mind completely and it was too late to shop after the meeting. After our talk, there was refreshment in another room. There on the floor were boxes of bread. 

Everyone was asked to choose and take what they wanted. So, before I prayed, God answered again – twice in one day.  So, the next morning we were able to invite a friend for breakfast and had a good time of fellowship.

Defective Mobile

My mobile could not receive calls. Different people told me that they could not get through. I spent hours trying to get my SIM provider to fix it, but they couldn’t.

Finally, they suggested I buy another SIM. We went to the post office and the Chinese sundry shop to buy but neither had it. That evening my son-in-law Andrew came over to help me to send an online donation to Singapore. 

He discovered that my battery in my mobile was on ‘’save mode’’ so he switched it off. The payment then went through and wonder of wonders, the phone also started to work – I could receive calls again! Good thing I was not able to buy the SIM that morning. It was not the SIM issue at all. I prayed about the mobile many times and nobody seemed to know what the problem was, and it was a longstanding irritation over many weeks. So glad God sent angel Andrew to help me – when he turned on the battery, he didn’t realize he solved the related call problem. I am so thankful my prayer was answered in a most unexpected way.

No Bread Again

Our daughter from London was visiting us in Perth with her two kids. They loved Turkish bread and had it for breakfast and dinner. On Monday their last day all the Turkish bread as well as all our other bread was finished.

Our helper who cleans our house every Monday told us last week that her church has bread to give away and whether we wanted any. We said yes. I hoped she would remember. Indeed, she didn’t forget. So, the loaf came just in time to complete the breakfast of bacon and eggs for the whole family.

Whether we call, or we forget to call, God is good. He knows our needs and He is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. 



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  1. October/November 2018 Feedback from readers for: about: Whether you call or not. ISSUE 44

    God never fails to meet our needs even small needs but very badly needed.

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