Fire! Fire!

Every time we go to Melaka we are invited to share in the Gateway Bahasa church and fellowship with pastors Lee Neo, Shirley and Pit Loon. We learn a great deal from them and their spirit-filled ministry. This time we attended their weekly Fire Meeting. For five years, every week, Gateway Bahasa Church has been holding these meetings where they catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and be trained and equipped to pass on this fire to others.

Fire! Fire!

Burn up the baggage, be set free to go forward

By Tek & Goldie Chong

Pastors Pit Loon, Lee Neo, Shirley

Pastors Pit Loon, Lee Neo, Shirley

It was the most refreshing experience. Without any fuss, the worship leader announced softly “Let’s praise the Lord.” Instantly the whole hall burst into harmonious and melodious songs in heavenly tongues, inundating us with a strong volume of ‘angelic’ voices. Then spontaneously the whole congregation in one voice sang in Bahasa, the national language. We were inviting the Holy Spirit to come, telling Him that He is welcome in this place. When the church switched to the next stanza in English, a sense of warmth surged out from us and tears filled our eyes. We were totally soaked in the presence of the Lord. We worshipped God in spirit and in love.

After the session of high praise and worship Ai Lin shared how she prayed for herself to get rid of blockages and hindrances in her mind thus setting herself free to move forward in her Christian life.
* (see her testimony ‘’Self-deliverance’’)

Pastor Lee Neo then explained we were going to have a Cleansing Service. In the middle of the hall, a long piece of white linen was spread. People were told to stand at the back of the hall. Slowly they were to walk into the white linen and proceed towards the front likening themselves to the Israelites of old walking across the River Jordan before entering the Promised Land.


Prayerfully some members began walking across the hall stepping into the white linen. As they walked some began to weep, others knelt, and others fell by the power of the Holy Spirit. Gently the church elders began to kneel beside the members praying for them. Here and there were wailing and manifestations of demonic activities. Trained helpers prayed to bind and cast out the evil spirits. Soon many members were quietly lying on the floor, just resting, enveloped by the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit, in the assurance of the forgiving grace of God.


Our attention was turned to the lead pastor and a small number of leaders who were engaged in a major deliverance ministry with a young lady. The struggle was severe as the demonised voice of the victim mocked, ”I have been invited to be in her…!”  On and on it went. Yet calmly and authoritatively the ministering team claimed the power and authority of the resurrected Christ to silence the demon and commanded it to leave.  As it was getting late, gradually the members who were cleansed and ministered to began to leave, having been set free by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Lee Neo closed the service but requested a few senior helpers to stay back to continue the deliverance in the private office.

Thus, we witnessed a mass set- free ministry – how a spirit-filled pastoral team carried out the Biblical process to lead their whole congregation to experience the cleansing power of God.



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