Melaka Encounters

By Goldie Chong

Below: Visiting City Community Church 

Divine Appointments

We went with Dr Wong Fort Pin to his City Community Church on Sunday. The moment we stepped into the church several people recognized and approached us. Some of these friends we have not seen for many years (we believe them when they say we have not changed!)

We were indeed happy to re-connect with long-time friends like Christine Loo (who went with us on mission trips to Cambodia and Bangladesh), Abby Phua (who studied in Perth), Patrick Tan (friends since Melaka Wesley church days), Robert Chay (former principal of St. David’s High School).  

There were also some we have not even met like: Kevin Jesudason (SPECCS) and Evelyn who sat one seat away from me (‘’are you Goldie?  We recognized you from your photo).

God Spoke And It Happened

Speaking in City Community church that Sunday was a guest speaker Dr Philip Pillay from Singapore who expounded on God’s will for our lives, saying that each of us has a book in which God has written His plan and instructions for our lives.  He asked us to stand up, close our eyes, hold out our hands to receive our book, open it and see what is written inside.

Following his instructions, very quickly I saw the words:  fishers of men.  It wasn’t what I expected so I wondered how this would be.

I had started reading the Bible with our new Filipino maid.  She had just started work fresh from the Philippines and is a Catholic, so she was agreeable to read the bible with me. We did it the previous week and since that evening, we had nothing on, I suggested we read the bible again. 

Tek urged me, ‘’explain to her about the way of salvation.’’ 

I was a bit hesitant thinking it would be a bit premature to bring this up after only the second reading. 

We continued with Luke where it talked about Mary being told by the angel that she would bear a son who was the Son of God, who would sit on the throne of David and reign forever.  It seemed quite natural to go on to explain who Jesus was and why He had to come to earth and how He would come again to reign as king. 

I took out paper and pen and drew the salvation plan explaining that Jesus said, ‘’I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me’’. 


I pointed to our position where we have to make a decision either to continue to go on our own way and continue to be separated from God or thank Jesus for paying the penalty for our sin and follow him to a wonderful life here and into eternity.  

After clarifying the options I asked if she would follow me to pray the salvation prayer.  She was most willing and ready. So now I see God’s assignment to me to be ‘’fishers of men’’ coming to pass.

After we left for Perth, I requested Peng (who had been faithfully having bible study and prayer with our previous Filipino helper) to follow up with Gel. She is again faithfully doing it.

A Lesson Applied

Gan Chui Peng who leads a lady’s Bible study group usually invites us to share there. One regular member reported, ‘’Great things happen each time you both come to our BS class. You touched on a secret weapon called forgiveness – by releasing forgiveness you can be freed from bitterness, hurt, bad memories.   You gave your mum’s testimony.

This has impacted xx who testified the following week how when she read about  Jesus healing the withered hand of a man, it struck her that her heart was very withered with a lot of unforgiveness and hurts. 

Below: Ladies Bible study group

She decided to let Jesus heal her withered heart and just release forgiveness like your mum. She was very cheerful that day and looked very different! She applied the lesson and was set free.

My mother complained incessantly for years about how she had been victimized by certain people.

One day while visiting her in Hongkong I asked if she was willing to forgive them. Willingly she followed me in a prayer to forgive her tormentors.

From that day on she never talked about it again. She lived with us in Perth for 18 years and she was truly set free, never to bring up the subject even once!

Seeing Fruit 50 Years Later

Above: with Lilian Tan

We knew the Tan family 50 years ago when we lived in the same neighbourhood, Sin Hoe Garden. Her daughter came to practise the piano in our home. We were not able to meet up often because she was often away from Melaka.  So, it was a divine appointment to meet her, her husband, her daughter visiting from the Philippines and her grandson from the US.  She recalled that I brought her to Christ and introduced her to Wesley Methodist church where she still goes.

Below: Wan Sim Mei

Another wonderful surprise was meeting Wan Sim Mei who we have not seen her since she was in Sunday school. 

She later wrote me an email

‘’It was very timely to have met you last Sunday in Wesley.  As I got older, I remember saying to myself I wanted to grow with qualities like yours (besides having a good complexion!) … especially in being able to persuade and influence others in your quiet ways.  I realized, even then, it was the inner qualities that counted and that fundamentally, it is the deep-seated love and understanding of the Lord. Now, I tell myself I want to age like you….’’ Sim Mei

Perth Family’s Visit

Our second daughter Jasmine and her whole family from Perth took a one-day trip in Melaka.

We took the opportunity to take them to visit our former haunts. They also saw our renovated former clinic where two ministries were blessing people: Feeding the poor ministry and a Tamil church.

Left: Lian family in Melaka

Below: AB ExCo enjoy a satay dinner

Melaka supporters of Asian Beacon

To thank the Melaka supporters of Asian Beacon, the Executive Committee held a lunch gathering to get to know them and to share the vision for the future. It was most encouraging to see how faithfully so many have been writing, distributing, promoting this magazine in the past 49 years. The trip to Melaka also enabled the Ex CO to bond and get to know one another. 

Robert and Rosalind Chong treated the team to a satay dinner.

Fire Meeting

Ps. Pit Loon, Lee Neo, Shirley

For five years, every week, Gateway Bahasa Church has been holding these meetings where they catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and be trained and equipped to pass on this fire to others.

It was the most refreshing experience. All the chairs were pushed to the sides of the hall. We oldies and guests could sit on a few chairs. Without any fuss, the worship began with the worship leader saying softly “Let’s praise the Lord.”

Instantly the whole hall burst into harmonious and melodious songs in heavenly tongues, inundating us with a strong volume of ‘angelic’ voices. Then without warning the whole congregation in one voice sang in Bahasa, the national language. We were inviting the Holy Spirit to come, telling Him that He is welcome in this place. When the church switched to the next stanza in English, a sense of warmth surged out from us and tears filled our eyes. We were totally soaked in the tender presence of the Lord. We worshipped God in spirit & in love.

Ai Lin was one of the members who gave a testimony to encourage the congregation.


By Kang Ai Lin

Ai Li had been attending Gateway Bahasa Church for seven years where God has brought her to experience many new life-changing experiences.

Ai Li said “lately, I felt that I was stuck. It was like my mind was blocked. Something was hindering me from moving forward. What it was I did not know. I have heard about self-deliverance, but I never thought of doing it myself.

One morning as I was worshipping the Lord in my room, the thought of self-deliverance came into my mind.  I wanted to have a breakthrough, to be set free.  I wanted to rid myself of all the issues that hindered my walk with God and to be able to do what He has called me to do.  So, I started to pray.  I named and plucked out from my mind the roots of unbelief, doubts, fear, intimidating and fleshly desires which I had been struggling with. After this, I felt lighter and freer. My spirit was renewed.  The heavy burden was lifted up

During my prayer time that same week, I recognised that there was a difference in my prayer. I prayed more fervently from the free flow of my spirit. On Sunday service, my praise and worship unto God were filled with joy. My heart was light, and I felt free. I thank God for the revelation that I can do personal deliverance on myself.  I would like to encourage you that you too can-do personal deliverance on yourself in your own room. Be honest with yourself. Sort out your issues with God. Confront them one by one and root them out.  You too like me will be set free!”



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