I asked God to remove the obstacles from my mind 

By Ai Lin

John 8:36

I have been attending Gateway Bahasa Church for seven years where God has brought me to experience many life-changing experiences. Lately, I felt that I was stuck. It was like my mind was blocked. Something was hindering me from moving forward. What it was I did not know.

I have heard about self-deliverance, but I never thought of doing it myself.

One morning as I was worshipping the Lord in my room, the thought of self-deliverance came into my mind. 

I wanted to have a breakthrough, to be set free. I wanted to rid myself of all the issues that hindered my walk with God and to be able to do what He has called me to do. 

So, I started to pray. 

I named and plucked out from my mind the roots of unbelief, doubts, fear, intimidating and fleshly desires which I had been struggling with. After this, I felt lighter and freer.

My spirit was renewed. 

The heavy burden was lifted up

During my prayer time that same week, I recognised that there was a difference in my prayer. I prayed more fervently from the free flow of my spirit.

On Sunday service, my praise and worship unto God were filled with joy.

My heart was light, and I felt free.

I thank God for the revelation that I can do personal deliverance on myself.  I would like to encourage you that you too can-do personal deliverance on yourself in your own room. Be honest with yourself and God. Sort out your issues with God. Confront them one by one and root them out.  You too like me will be set free! 



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