Asian Beacon October – December Vol 49-3 published

Cover Story: p.6 The Cake Maestro; p.8 Funeral First, Die Later; p.10 The 8-Day Miracle; p.12 Celebrating sex; p.14 Playing her strings in Sweden. My Story: p.16 I Love My Gay Son; p.18 Dear Writer of “To My Ex-Church”; p.20 To My Current Church. Feature: p.22 Maggie’s Mission; p.24 Life and Debt; p.26 Spirited After Spirit Encounter; p.28 Today, We Became Celebrities; p.30 Talking about Tattoos; p.32 Here Come The Food Trucks. Regular: p.34 Thanksgiving As A Spiritual Weapon; p.36 Fan Into Flame The Gift Of God; p.38 Celebrate God’s Bounty; p.40 Dear Goldie and p.42 Songs Steeped In Malaysian Flavour Continue Reading