Asian Beacon April – June Vol 49-1 published

FEATURING: BEACON STORY:  Superbug Buster: Lam Shu Jie.  You Have To Abort The Baby!  Lifted To Clouds Of Glory  Left In A Home  Money Is Important, But It’s Not Everything  The Marathon Woman FEATURES:  Without Prayer, Worship Is Meaningless.  Aborting Destiny 生命因上帝的爱而美丽 Emily林佩琦.  Top 3 Fitness Tips  Metamorphosis: Pain, Passion And Purpose  My Straying Sons.  An Extremely Late Answer.  Ways To Be Nice To Your Eyes.  Escaping From The Debt Web.  The Crisis Of Truth.  7 Stress Busters.  Wounded Soldier.  The Power Of The Spoken Word.  Money Matters: Putting On Your Financial Armour. 5 Work-Life Essentials.  Armour Of God: Ephesians 6 Continue Reading