issue – 05

Issue: 5 (MAY 2015)

Our week in Melaka:

Tek reports:  Once again I have come home to Melaka. I grew up in this town, studied in the Methodist school ACS and worshipped in the Methodist church. Then we left the ancestral home with our young family. We lived in the glamorous metropolitan city of Hong Kong, then in the quiet garden city of Perth. But our heart has always lingered in the narrow streets of Melaka. This May we again returned to Melaka…

“Home. I’m Home”
Tek goes down memory lane visiting old haunts and old friends… Read More


“Sowing and reaping”
recalls how Goldie met some of the people whose lives she touched…more


“Our Desperate Need”
to have people care and support us tells the story of our helper who alerted us to meet the needs of people close to us…a happy outcome…more




rumble-thumb“Accidents! Almost!”
Remarkable timing shows God’s merciful intervention…




  “Autumn leaves start to fall”
is our encouragement to those in their autumn years not to retire but to refire – and discover there is still life after sixty…more


Regular Features

Count Your Blessings

Thank God for Australia Read More


“A Prophetic Perspective”  

Read More


 “Maranatha” מרנא תא
 Read More …


Gary Green
Part 2 Introducing our blog’s webmaster and co-editor Gary Green. Read More


The Future in Technology

Amazing Whistling

Musical Savant 'Paravicini'

Amazing Grace

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