Issue – 06

Issue: 6 (June 2015)

A word from Goldie:

We wish to share some more of our adventures on our recent missions trip to Malaysia in May and also back home in Perth.

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We were in Melaka (also spelt as Malacca) our hometown when we got an unusual circular email from Eddie in Perth containing an urgent SOS for his daughter ……

Read more “Right Time, Right Place, Right People”….

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On our way to catch our flight back home to Perth from Melaka we stopped in Seremban.

Right from the start of this side trip, many surprises awaited us, but the most exciting experience was late that night we lost our passports …

Read more WHAT IF…….

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random-acts-of-kindness-thumbJesus told us to help the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, etc. but someone protested, “I don’t know anyone who is hungry or thirsty or strangers….” You may get some ideas of who these people are when you read Random Acts of Kindness. We invite you to share your experience too. Read more “Random Acts of Kindness”….

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viloet-post-cancer-treatment-thumbIt was in our bible study group that Violet voiced her concern and asked for prayer that she was going to see the doctor that day about a lump in her breast. That was three months ago. After a mastectomy and Going Through Chemo we have not seen anyone so positive, so cheerful, so elegant and beautiful as Violet. Read her encouraging story. Read more “Going Through Chemo”…..

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Aw Swee EngDr Aw Swee Eng , a long-time friend who we have always admired, is a top-notch medical scientist, a Bible teacher and apologist whom we first invited to speak when we were living in Melaka. We hope to begin a series on “Asking the experts” on tough questions and he was the first one we approached. To our surprise he took hardly a week to write Believing the Book of Genesis.

After corresponding back and forth, we can state we have not met such a fast, obliging, accommodating writer in all our 45 years of publishing. Long live his breed! Do you have any question that you want us to get some Christian specialists to provide any answer for you? Write to us. 

Read more “Believing the book of Genesis”…


Regular Features

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Thank God for Australia Read More

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“Measuring success”  

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 “Is there a creator?
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for Elizabeth Elliott’s impact on different people even after her death. Read more

The Impact of the pen….[/stextbox]


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