issue – 07

Issue: 07 (July 2015)

A word from Goldie:
Dear Friends,
Tek and I are about to leave for a long trip which will include London to see our daughter Lisal, to Italy to conduct a wedding celebration for our niece, to Singapore, Melaka and Cambodia to hold meetings. We are glad we finished these new articles for this issue before we go:
The Night of the Long Knives

Tek Chong is writing some memoirs of his life, grateful to God for all the way his Saviour has led him.

He starts with his coming to know the real Jesus during his university days in Hongkong .…

Read more …….

Testimonies of healing:

Jaw Cancer” by Celia Yap from Kuala Lumpur 
 Read more …….


Insomnia” by Cindy Tham demonstrate God’s power to heal and comfort in times of stress and anxiety. Read more …….

Step by Step

A student who studied in the Methodist school 50 years ago has found the Lord – a wonderful testimony that “the Word that goes out from My mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire” Is 55:11. Nellie Lim testifies how “Step by Step” she became a Christian  Read more …….

Readers Contributions

A new category titled “Readers Contributions” for readers to share their thoughts, poems, lessons learnt in life, etc. so that others can be inspired and blessed.

Previous writers:

Michelle Wong “Through God’s Eyes”

Ai Hiong Sim’s “Fluffy Balls” are the first contributions.

We hope you will send in your contributions too. Read more….

Chats with Uncle Loh

Dr Aw Swee Eng’s article “Believing in Genesis” has created interest from our readers. We remember he wrote a book in which he put his vast amount of scientific knowledge into his typical simple, clear minded explanations linking it to the Bible. He has kindly allowed us to reproduce his book “Chats with Uncle Loh”. To read it please go into his website. Read more…..

Quotable Quotes

“The World Is Flat”


“Well said and worth pondering”  all here

Regular Features
Count Your Blessings

Whatever your need:

“Ask” Read More

Light hearted July

Investment Banker…, Bank Balance…, ATM Machine… & Mother to Father  Read More …

Check out the Current News

247@NECF Malaysia Prayer Guide: Given what is happening in our country, we would urge everyone to focus our prayers on three items specifically. Read more….”

Only See In India

Master's voice?

Stroke explained

Amazing Grace


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