issue – 09

October 2015 issue 9


A Word from Goldie.

Some people think that pastors and missionaries are first class citizens in God’s kingdom and will be rewarded the most because their work is not in the secular world but they are working in God’s Kingdom full time. But we feel everyone should serve God full time whether their job is a doctor, sweeper, housewife or pastor. Jesus said we are the salt and light in the world everywhere and all the time. In this issue we give examples of persons whom Jesus would definitely affirm. They are Christ’s ministers in the workplace, a beacon to those who may never step into a church. There are no second class citizens or positions – only different callings, different locations and in different seasons of life. Examples in this issue: Andrew Tay (A Light in the Marketplace) Andrew Yung (Cancer is a Word, not a Sentence) Tek & Goldie Chong (Get out of the Boat). 

We add a new category in this issue “YOUTH FORUM”. To our pleasant surprise we received some well-written, thoughtful articles by a few young writers. Hence we decided to create a platform for this generation to give expression to their christian beliefs and values. We encourage and invite young writers to contribute with no restriction on choice of topic. We start with 19 year-old Ryan Lian our grandson’s article “Gods don’t Bleed”.

Another new category is CHRISTIANITY & SCIENCE

Following the popular article by Prof Aw Swee Eng ( “Believing the Book of Genesis” June 2015). We invited Mr Yeo Teck Thiam to explore the marvellous creation of our Creator.

Six Days or Billions of Years?” expresses his opinion who has made the study of the universe his lifelong interest.

~ See What Readers are Saying


~ Youth Forum.
“Gods don’t Bleed”
….a clear analysis on why our God did. by 19 year old
Ryan Lian
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~ Christianity and Science.
“Six Days or Billions of Years?”
…. view of time from our or God’s perspective. by Mr Yeo Teck Thiam
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~ FEATURING this Month
Christianity & Science
Youth Forum
Readers Contributions
Current Affairs 
~ by Andrew Tay
 “A Light in the Marketplace”
people from all over the world come to his hotel.
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~ By Andrew Yung
“Cancer is a word”
… not a death sentence.
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~ By Tek & Goldie Chong
Get out of your Boat
… stepping out of security, comfort into trust.
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~ By David Lee
“I was a student in Perth”
… lessons learnt by a poor student who discovered he was actually rich.
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~ By Inez Lee
“Facing Barrenness”
… David Lee’s wife shares the pain of waiting and what she learnt from it.
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~ By Cristal Chong
“Hot Pot Lunch”
“All things work together for good even in the course of disaster”
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~ Potpourri
Abraham Lincoln’s Warning
…we have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God…..
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~ Potpourri
Grace Yang
Grace Yang, talented painter thanks God for her gift. This video is produced by Double Portion Media. remarks …
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~ Potpourri
“Unsung Heroes”
ordinary people who did extraordinary things to help others
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Current News
~ Current News.
  “Persecution “
– the big picture and genocide
by Lachlan Dunjey … remarks.
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~ Current News.
“Legal Scholars Rise”
by Michael Brown … Up Against the Supreme Court’s Judicial Despotism
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~ Current News.
“Ancient River is Reborn”
…30 Oct The waters of the river Zin are seen gushing down a dry riverbed, Friday
 watch here
Regular Postings
… remarks.
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“Failure and Success”
… remarks.
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~ Family Focused
~ Light hearted October
… Remarks…
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~ Reader's Contribution.
“Moving On”
 by M Wong.
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~ You Raise Me Up

~ Master's voice?

~ Stroke explained

~ Amazing Grace