issue – 20

August 2016: issue: 20
A Word from Goldie. 

In this issue we have a series of articles with the theme of a song “It only takes a spark to keep the fire going”.  Each story demonstrates how a little act of kindness can be the spark that brightens someone else’s life, e.g. a caring couple who opened their home to youths (It only takes a spark), a concerned employer who took her Filipino domestic helper to church (The joy of knowing Christ), strangers rendering aid to someone who had “A Fall in a Shopping Centre”, a bold grandson who told his Buddhist grandma about Jesus (How my grandmother became a Christian).

We hope these testimonies will challenge us not to forget to show kindness to those around us which may ignite a light to show the love of God to them abundant life.

Right in the CBD of Perth, a group of Christians meet to worship, pray and share testimonies. 

Recently we met David Sibley, a businessman who facilitates inter-denominational, ecumenical meetings for people in the Perth CBD. 

Knowing he welcomes speakers to share in his Perth Prayer program, when our son-in-law a psychologist working in China visited us David invited Michael to tell his story. We went along to see what Perth Prayer is all about. As a result we got several fascinating stories about this group and the people who attend.  So here we introduce this special Marketplace Ministry “How Perth Prayer started in the Heart of the City”.   We heard the interesting story of young Joe Teakle who met with a car accident many years ago, at the same time Dr. Philip Lyn was sharing about how his whole church prayed for his daughter strangled on a clothesline (Back from the Dead).  The whole Perth Prayer was then encouraged to pray for Joe “A Little Boy is Run Over.

Church camps are always highlights in people’s lives. We report on the impact experienced by the youths of the Perth Kingsway Methodist Church and the Malaysia Scripture Union camps.

Our family gathered in Perth for a grand reunion to celebrate Tek’s birthday this year.
We thank God for loving, harmonious, edifying relationships among all the family members – a legacy which we hope fervently for all to pass on for future generations.

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How a little act of kindness can go a long way:

“It only takes a spark” 1-spacer

by Peter Chee

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A generous caring couple ignites a spark in hundreds through the years.
“How my grandmother became a Christian” 1-spacer

by Tek Chong

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Giving up 70 years of idol worship after miraculous healing.
“The joy of knowing Christ” 1-spacer

by Donacel Macurubbo Teringan

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A Singapore employer introduces her Filipino domestic helper to her God.
“A Fall in a shopping centre” 1-spacer

by May Lo

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Remarkably the accident happened in the right place, at the right time, with the right people there to help

A Market Place ministry:

“How Perth Prayer started in the city” 1-spacer

by David Sibley

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Ten years of bringing hope, healing, miracles in the Perth CBD.
“A little boy is run over” 1-spacer

by David Sibley

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A testimony by a father encouraged another father whose child also had an accident
“Back from the dead” 1-spacer

by Philip Lim

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On the verge of death, brain affected, blind ….. All reversed!




“Before and after” 1-spacer

by Andrew Chen

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An undergraduate was set free from hindering chains to advance to the next level.
“Investing in the next generation” 1-spacer

by Stephen Ng

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Scripture Union organizes youth camps that touch lives.
“How studying science drew me to worship God” 1-spacer

by Yeo Teck Thiam

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Seeing an awesome God in His awesome creations.


Dear “Angry Mother” 1-spacer

by Goldie & Tek

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Goldie & Tek answer your questions on relationships, parenting, grand parenting, career, faith, etc.

 An upset mother is encouraged to act, not react.
There’s Always Hope
Jewish/Chinese Beliefs about God 
Gabe Adams Story
Take Me from the Fire 

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