Issue – 21

September 2016: issue: 21
A Word from Goldie. 

Father’s Day is 4 Sept in Australia but 19 June in many other parts of the world.  It is good for us having relatives celebrating on different dates to remember our fathers on two occasions. It is also helpful for fathers to be reminded of their importance in the tributes sent to them. In this issue Tek writes about The father God wants me to be.  He hopes to continue improving with such encouragement from daughters writing “dear daddy, appreciate you and all that you have done to demonstrate God’s love to us.  You are the peacemaker and fun in our family. Love you very dearly…..” Ai Hiong Sim also writes fondly of My father, my hero”.  For families celebrating the day, reading some of these excerpts To Fathers, with love from all of usmay generate helpful discussion. (For more father articles see Issue June#15 2016)

Spiritual parents are also to be remembered with gratitude.  We have featured several self-sacrificing individuals who left home, career and comfort to go halfway round the world and share Jesus’ love to some Chinese folks in Serdang Baru in Malaya.  They are rewarded by seeing the fruit of their labour that it was all worthwhile.  Long live the missionaries is our prayer for the past and present folks who continue to heed the call to go into all the world to preach the gospel.

Following our report on Perth Prayer, the founder David Sibley writes about the challenges he faced in his own life in A Year of Blessings and Struggles”. The AVB is A truly Malaysian Bible”, being received and read by thousands so much so the second printing is being done.


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“The Father God wants me to be” 1-spacer

by Tek Chong

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Following God’s manual is the secret.
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“My Father, My Hero” 1-spacer

by Ai Hiong Sim

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Memories of a close father-daughter relationship.
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“To Fathers, with Love from all of us” 1-spacer

by The Editors

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A gift to enrich the family.
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“Long live the missionaries” 1-spacer

by Dr Ong Hwee Keng

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Malaysians have specially been benefited and impacted by the pioneering labourers who are remembered with gratitude.

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“A Year of Blessings and Struggles” 1-spacer

by David Sibley

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Spiritual warfare brings both challenges and God’s grace.
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“A Truly Malaysian Bible” 1-spacer


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Because of the language style of the newly translated version, young people are eager to read it
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“September’s Quotations” 1-spacer

by By Chua Wee Hian

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On conversion, worship, raising children, increasing productivity!

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Father to the rescue!

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There’s Always Hope
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Jewish/Chinese Beliefs about God 
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Gabe Adams Story
[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”…v14.” direction=”ltr” shadow=”true”]
Take Me from the Fire