Issue – 30

A Word from Goldie  June 2017 Issue – 30


We shared about our going to Kuching for a church camp in our May #29 issue. Here we disclose the background happenings of how we almost didn’t make it: “The Story behind going to Kuching” by Goldie and “Going to Kuching Family Camp” from Tek’s point of view. We both learnt some precious lessons about decision-making and hope other husbands and wives will too.

   Our Malaysia Trip

We included Kuala Lumpur, Bentong and Melaka in this April trip. We caught up with old friends and relatives, friendships we cherish wherever we travelled. We attended the Asian Beacon’s Writers’ Moments organized by the newly-formed Ex Co.  New fervor, new enthusiasm, new vision – even the office is newly renovated by the

Hon. Sec. Patrick Leong, ushering New Life in Asian Beacon 2017.

We continue to hear about domestic helpers becoming Christians while working for Christian families. Some of them have even returned to their host countries to reach out to their own kind. We share another testimony in There And Back Again.

Those who are concerned about their families who still worship idols can take heart by Jen Nee Lau’s testimony of what she did to be able to now enjoy An Idol Free Home.

Dr Dixie Chua continues with her series on Relationships with Members of Our Family by Marriage, which can be difficult associations but can be beautiful friendships too.

We introduce a new feature called “Market Place Forum” (MPF), inviting readers’ comments.



01. He was determined to go but she wasn’t
1. The Story behind going to Kuching.

By Goldie Chong

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02. She wanted confirmation
Going to Kuching family camp
By Tek Chong
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03. Enjoying speaking opportunities, seeing new ministries, eating favorite foods…
Our Malaysia trip 
By Tek & Goldie Chong Read more



04. Now in a new environment, the only Malaysian Christian magazine that has a govt. printing licence is back in business
New life in Asian beacon 2017
By Patrick Leong Read more

05. Converted, trained, now serving in the foreign country as her mission field
There and back again
By Rose Read more



06. Without conflict, urging, persuasion, her desire was fulfilled
An idol-free home
By Jen Nee Lau Read more

07. In-laws need not be outlaws
Relationships with members of our family by marriage
By Dr Dixie Chua Read more



08. A Time to Laugh
by Chua Wee Hian
Just love these kids & quick and always speak their minds. in May 2017

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09. What would you advise?
If a Christian colleague takes away your business…
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Green Pastures in the Desert?
Amazing Grace?
Bells “How Great Thou Art”
14 Year old Competitor