Issue – 33

A Word from Goldie  September 2017 Issue – 33

To celebrate Father’s Day, we have two testimonies about our Dads from myself and Adrienne Green, how we remember them with love and gratitude. Please see how Different People Remember Renald Ching after they read my article.

JASON WONG, the founder of two national movements in Singapore: Yellow Ribbon (transforming prisoners) and Dads for Life (transforming fathers) came to Perth to speak in various meetings one of which was the annual Perth Governor’s Prayer Breakfast (Governor’s Prayer Breakfast 2017): How far are you willing to go? – 98five) 

Podcast: Governor’s Prayer Breakfast WA 2017 keynote address by Focus on the Family chairman Jason Wong

Here Jason spoke on Father’s Day at Zion Praise Harvest Church

In the debate on same sex marriage now raging in Australia, we stand firmly on the belief that children need both a mother and father. Without one or the other their whole life will be affected adversely so we must not deprive them of what God in His wisdom provided.

. Memorable memories of Dad
. “Something memorable I remember about my father”
. Goldie Chong
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. My Dad
. I praise the Lord that he gave me dad, as a father.
. By Adrienne Green
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. Different People Remember Renald Ching
. “As father, relative, doctor, pioneer, musician.”
. Goldie Chong
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  The LGBT issue is hotting up in Australia. We are re-printing an article about who is behind the attack against Christians in Pray for this Man as Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. Churches, speak up NOW! is a warning for Christians to make their biblical view count or face the consequences of what is happening in UK, France, etc.

The Real Purpose of the same sex battle is not only about same sex marriage. Our opponents’ ultimate, goal is the destruction of marriage.



. Pray for this Man
. The LGBT lobby is pushing hard all over the world.
. By Allen Bernard West “Know your Enemy”

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. Churches, speak up NOW
. A UK barrister warns of the consequences of passing the same sex marriage law. The Real Purpose of the same sex battle, It’s not only about same sex marriage; the ultimate goal is the destruction of marriage.
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. Same Sex Battle’s Real Purpose
. Lesbian journalist Masha Gessen, says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it.
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. By chua Wee Hian
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