Issue – 34

A Word from Goldie October 2017 Issue – 34

   A young niece 46 years old and a 70+ good friend passed away recently. At their funerals we realize many of our friends young and old only meet up at funerals – not an appropriate time to update one another, to reminisce, to joke, to laugh…. So, we thought why not meet up at a better time? So, we decided to organize a Celebration of Life in a Living Funeral to renew our friendships while we are still living.  The Agape Fellowship were students in 1988 when we first knew them and now they are in their 50s.   The 30- odd people who came consisted of three generations – truly a memorable reunion.  Read more

The Ching Dynasty Reunion, Goldie’s side of the family, was held in London in July 2017. We had such a meaningful and enjoyable time that the next reunion has been planned to be in Toronto, Canada. We pray that family reunions which start on earth will continue in heaven with full attendance. Read more

   Australia will know whether same-sex marriage will receive more “yes” or “no” votes in November. Whatever the outcome Christians need to continue to stand on God’s foundational truth that it is He who invented marriage and He ordained it to be between a man and a woman and that is how they can best function for their own welfare and the good of society. How can Christians convince people of their views? Knowing we cannot impose or force our beliefs on those who do not believe, nor should we be indifferent and keep our views to ourselves, when we know the dire consequences, we should advocate and persuade them by proving with research and presenting them with facts from sociology, anthropology, psychology to prove what scripture said all along. We should be the salt to preserve society and the light to enlighten them with correct information in order to convince them. Read more

   Adventure in the Sky is a testimony of sharing the good news in season and out of season, being prepared with a reason for your passion. Violet attended Full Gospel Assembly Perth and Oikos Fellowship where we were pastors. She is grateful that she was trained and given opportunity to give her testimony, reach out to evangelise and to speak boldly wherever the opportunity arises. She declared “I’m the product of your training”. Read more

   Living peacefully and in harmony in a community whether in the family, the school, the workplace, the neighbourhood, etc. is never easy.  Dr Dixie Chua continues her series on Relationships with Members of God’s Household teaching God’s concern that we live in love in God’s family as brothers and sisters. Read more

The Ching Dynasty Reunion
Tek & Goldie’s family reunions which started with our parents continue to today with three generations gathering in London.
. By Tek & Goldie Chong
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Celebration of Life at a Living Funeral
An unusual event which brought mentors and mentored together after 30 years. Truly new friends are silver but old friends are gold.
. By Tek & Goldie Chong
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How can Christians convince people of their views?
The anti-God mentality is spreading rapidly among this generation. We can do our part to speak for God
. By Tek & Goldie Chong
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Adventure in the Sky
People still need God. It’s a matter of seizing the right opportunity to point them to Him.
. By Violet Njo Dickson
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Relationships with members of God’s Household
People noticed how the early Christians loved one another and were attracted to the 1st century church. It is the same today. Dr Dixie Chua Read more


Homosexual Marriage, not a Human Right says European Court
World Court of Human Rights Court states there is no right to homosexual marriage. The court decided that the concept of family not only contemplates the traditional concept of marriage, that is,the union of a man and a woman but also that they should not be imposed on governments to obligation to open marriage to persons of the same sex
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10 reasons why we encourage you to vote ‘No’
Australians are being asked to vote on whether marriage should be redefined to include homosexual couples. The Australian Christian Churches urges all Christians to vote “no” at the upcoming postal plebiscite, because we believe there is a lot more at stake
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Remembering the impact of words and actions of family and friends who love, affirm and encourage him
. By chua Wee Hian
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A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance
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I Am A Painter
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Housing in The Future
Self-made Man