Issue – 36

A Word from Goldie                                January 2018 Issue – 36

We knew Joan and Henry Chia when we lived in Hongkong in the 1980’s.  We attended the same church International Christian Assembly and were in the same fellowship organized by the Malaysian and Singaporean expats.  One of our favourite pastimes besides bible study was to buy a whole basket of durians from the wholesale fruit market and enjoy a fragrant feast not in the house but on the balcony, in our consideration for the local Hong Kong people.

We re-visited Hongkong at the time when Henry miraculously recovered from his cancer and we were overjoyed to hear his testimony.  After he passed away from the second bout of illness we still kept in touch with Joan and always meet up in Singapore or Perth.  Joan was one of the founders of WiCare in Singapore, a ministry to widows.

Recently she founded Whispering Hope a grief recovery program. We see God’s perspective in all the experiences that Joan went through to enable her to minister to those who go through similar events. No incident is ever wasted but is turned to good to those who are called according to His purpose as can be seen in her testimony Surviving the Death of My Spouse.

Over Christmas and New Year, we enjoyed many activities. Boxing Day saw our family celebrating our wedding anniversary with a dinner and sharing our secrets of marital longevity which enabled us to remain Lovers for 53 Years – tolerance, endurance, patience, humility, forgiveness, etc. This is only possible with God’s supernatural enablement and daily instructions.  How much God is interested and understanding about our specific circumstances can be seen in my example of My Concern about Food.

Old friends from long ago who turn up in Perth always brings back precious memories. Lunching with the Tok family, Friends from Batu Pahat, Malaysia we enjoyed their stories of their immigrant ancestors, how they became christians, how their children contributed to their communities, etc.

Lam Kee Hing from Sabah who started his fulltime christian work with Scripture Union as a new graduate, was posted to Melaka and used our clinic for his office.

Subsequently he established significant work among the indigenous communities in Malaysia. We introduce his third book 40 More Important Lessons about what he has garnered over 40+ years of serving the Lord.

Bernadette studied in Perth and returned to Singapore to work as a teacher. We have walked through thick and thin with her and are glad that her experience of Losing All My Savings is one more lesson in knowing God’s character-forming strategy in her life.

God is full of surprises is what Yan Jing found. When God takes away, He gives back even more, so expect the unexpected when you trust Him. 


Surviving the death of my spouse by Joan Swee.
“A widow’s reflection.

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Lovers for 53 Years by Goldie Chong

Tek & Goldie share what contributed to their long-lasting friendship.

Read More

I Am Concerned about Food by Goldie Chong
God knows my concerns and speaks to me re them.

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Friends from Batu Pahat by Tek & Goldie Chong.
The Tok Family’s contributions in church and community.

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40 More Important Lessons by Lam Kee Hing.
In life & ministry
A book review. Read More
Losing All My Savings by Bernadette Nhan. 
Lessons in knowing God’s character-forming strategy in her life. Read More

God is Full of Surprises by Yan Jing Yee.
When God takes away, He gives back even more.
Read More 
Wee Hian Feature 01Notes & quotes by Chua Wee Hian.
Spiritual stock-taking and life audit: using a ten-year time span to measure progress or failure. Read More


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