Issue – 38

A Word from Goldie                                March 2018 Issue – 38

We have been hearing about Billy Graham’s stories especially from people who had personal encounters with him.  Chua Wee Hian in his Notes & Quotes shares some of his own personal encounters with the famous evangelist from which he learnt several precious lessons. We were also at close quarters with him in the Congress of Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974 as representatives of Asian Beacon.  When Tek saw him face to face all he could think to say was, “May I have your autograph for my daughter” . The gracious man obliged.

Our long-time friends Richard and Mary Tok from Batu Pahat *who met up with us in Perth in January were instrumental in bringing the Lam family to the Lord.  Dr and Mrs Lam are the parents of Superbug Buster Lam Shu Jie the young Malaysian scientist who was awarded China’s Ministry of Health’s prestigious award for Illustrious Young Overseas Chinese for her development of a substance which destroys drug-resistant bacteria, a significant breakthrough in modern treatment.

Years ago, the Lams were desperately seeking help for their youngest daughter when they met Mary Tok at the Early Intervention Centre for special needs children in Batu Pahat. The Toks befriended them and helped them to go through their pain and eventually the whole family accepted the Lord, resulting in  A change of perspective as Super Bug’s Family’s Testimonies show.

 See our website Jan. #36 “Friends from Batu Pahatabout Richard & Mary Tok

A seemingly hopeless hostile atheist turning to Jesus after the deaths of those who witnessed to him gives us hope that what is sown may bear fruit eventually. Read the encouraging account of such a case in An Extremely Late Answer.

Many are looking for jobs during this depressed economic climate, so we arranged a workshop with two speakers involved in recruitment: a Partner and a Director of Deloitte to give advice on What will get you that job.   Even we who are way past our job searching days learnt a lot from their tips  which we  passed on to our grandchildren (e.g. the initial handshake will tell the interviewer a lot about you). We post here the testimony of Eddie who secured a job within a year of graduation. 

We have heard of Charles Finney’s revivals in America in the 1800s but who has heard of Daniel Nash? Without Nash’s intercession there would not have been Charles Finney’s revivals. Nash not only prayed weeks before Finney preached but prayed in a separate room while he was preaching. May this be an example of the secret for successful outreaches. 


Wee Hian Feature 01Notes & Quotes 

by Chua Wee Hian.

Close encounters with Billy Graham.
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Superbug Buster Lam Shu Jie

by Goh Bee Lee

Lam’s remarkable discovery may wipe out superbug bacteria without antibiotics.

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Super Bug’s Parents

A change of perspective 

by Richard Tok.

Tragedy changed to blessing by seeing God’s viewpoint

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Super Bug’s Father’s Testimony

by Dr. Lam Pan Nam

In desperation I cried, ”I should give this God a chance”

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An Extremely Late Answer 

by Dr Ong Hwee Keng

A gospel seed sown but lay dormant for years eventually results in harvest. Read More

A time to Laugh 

by Chua Wee Hian

Laughter is good for the soul and medicine to our body.

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What Got Me That Job 

by Eddie Cheng.

What a young graduate did to get a job in the competitive Perth market.

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The Intercessor  Daniel Nash

A humble man in intensive prayer resulted in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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