Issue – 39

A Word from Goldie                                April 2018 Issue – 39


There are some friends we always make a point to see in KL. We knew Fan Ngian and Sian Li Yoong as young people in the Methodist Youth Fellowship when we were the counsellors in Wesley Methodist Church in Melaka in the 1960s. On the night before their wedding we gave them an express one-off pre-marital lesson which surprisingly turned out to be most effective as they are now married for 46 years.

They recall our tip encouraging them to open their home – “just add another cup of water to the soup and you will be able to welcome unexpected guests’’. Our common interest is enriching marriage and down through the years we have gone to Malaysia and they have come to Perth to hold marriage seminars, mutually learning from one another.

Having been involved together with them doing Married for Life (Phillipps), Growing in Marital Love (Hamilton), Alpha Marriage, etc., they have passed on the legacy which they declared they got from us – to pass on the passion of running courses to enrich marriage. On the day we arrived in their home, we were surprised they arranged a dinner with some former OCFers (Overseas Christian Fellowship), students who studied in Perth in the 1970s. One such couple Jit Cheng and Karen Lim have been mentored by the Yoongs to carry on the marriage courses, recruiting more and more couples to pass on the blessing.

Many couples have benefited from this marriage vision which started 40+ years ago in the sleepy hollow of Melaka. So, it only takes a spark to get the fire burning. We pray that many families will keep on spreading the flame of God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply’’ in every sense of the word.


The way we met Siew was God-directed.  She came from a family who ran a temple and her parents were mediums.

Her school teacher passed her copies of Asian Beacon and when she read the Q & A column Dear Goldie she determined to meet this person. 

After finishing her Form 5 exams, without telling her parents, having no money, no address, she hitch-hiked from her hometown Teluk Anson to Melaka, knowing only that Goldie’s husband was a doctor there.

 “This is as far as I am going.  You have to get off,’’ said the lorry-driver dropping her on the main street of Melaka. She asked a passer-by, “where is Dr. Chong’s clinic?”   He pointed, “’there’’. Indeed, it was right there (there were actually two Dr Chong’s clinics in Melaka).  

It was closing time. The nurse informed Tek, ‘’ there is a young girl asking whether you know where she can find Goldie’’.  Tek said he knew so took her home to meet me.

 Siew went on to attend our Melaka bible school (PLKM, now Malaysia Bible Seminary), furthered her studies and served in different Christian ministries.  Her involvement at present in a literature project has reached 100,000 copies, spreading the good news to countless readers.

We do not know who was the Christian teacher who passed her the Asian Beacon, but she has sparked off her young student to pass on the flame of God’s love to thousands and still counting.

At the  Asian Beacon AGM we shared Siew’s story, likening this Christian teacher to the 4th person involved in the Acts 7 account of Philip the Evangelist and the Ethiopian eunuch.  Who was this 4th person? (besides Philip, the eunuch and the Holy Spirit)

It was the person who gave the Isaiah portion to the eunuch who was reading it when Philip met him. This unknown person could not have imagined the outcome and impact of his act. It took only one person to spark off the chain of events that resulted in the evangelism of the Kingdom of Ethiopia.


Long ago, in Hongkong when Tek was a medical student, Chan Wing Leung, a senior student handed him a book ’By Searching’ written by Isobel Kuhn. 

“Read this. It’s about how a nominal believer was born again”.  After reading it Tek became a Bible-believing Christian. He then bought several of the books to pass to others. One recipient was Woo Yam Poon, an undergrad. Later Woo became a mathematics professor in Biola University in US. In his web page he wrote, ‘Again I am on the Yunnan mountains of China, looking at the tree planted by Isobel Kuhn, the tree she wrote about in her BY SEARCHING passed on to me by another undergrad in Hong Kong University.’ 

Yes, an attempt of passing on a Christian book to and from Tek had caused a professor to repeatedly visit China, encouraging the remote Lisu mountain churches planted there.  We pray more people will pass on Christian literature.  That’s why we are involved in Christian literature. 

It only takes a spark to keep the fire burning

And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.

That’s how it is with God’s love,

Once you’ve experience it you spread His love to everyone,

You want to pass it on.

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