Issue – 41

A Word from Goldie                   June/July 2018 Issue – #41

Time passed so quickly we are sending out this issue for June combined with July. Our busy friend Chua Wee Hian from London was able to write his monthly Quotes & Notes even though he was ministering in Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong. Please read his Notes & quotes for June.  read more…..


Here he shares his observation about the recent Malaysian GE14 election:

For me, the highlight of this historic journey must be the privilege of witnessing the outcome of the Malaysian elections on 9 May. Prior to that momentous day, we have joined many Malaysian Christians praying for a change of government.

For 61 years, the BN party had been ruling the nation. Corrupt practices where votes were rigged or bought were well-known. The Malay partner was not averse to play the racial card when it suited them.

What struck me was the huge number of Christians engaging in private and corporate prayer. Social media transmitted up-to-date prayer news. It was heart-warming to observe Christians expressing such love for their nation when they prayed to God for a change of government.

They did not only intercede, but many volunteered as polling scrutineers and joined the crowds in ensuring the ballot boxes were not tampered.

I must add that many Malays (nearly all Muslims) were working and pursuing the same goal. Some of their leaders sacrificially gave time, money and energy to roll a people revolution.


Meeting up with Dr Wong Fort Pin is a must every time we visit our home town Melaka. In our last visit he gave us a special treat of durian harvested from his own farm. 

We knew Fort Pin since he was a student. Now he is a hard- working, caring medical practitioner. Once he took Tek to the home of his Malay patient, so poor that there was not a stick of furniture in the bare room. No food, no money and no work. So, this doctor provided complete management:  food, medicine and school fees for the children – showing genuine love regardless of race or creed. 

We are glad he is now an Assemblyman in the state of Melaka. When Tek whatsapped him after the election he told him cheerfully that he is spending almost all his time in helping the poor in his new constituency. 

What an example of a Christian marketplace minister serving in the mountain of Government. 

The next time we visit him we hope there will be some more durians and maybe he will show us around the Melaka Law Making Assembly which we have always wanted to see.


Our long-time friends the Jayasoorias from Malaysia will be visiting their daughter in Perth, so we have invited him to share his insights about the awesome outcome of the GE14.

Prof Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria is a sociologist and human rights activist involved in public advocacy in Malaysian society. Since 1999 he has been a member of various government committees and commissions preparing policy documents pertaining to economy, human rights, police reform, national unity, poverty and sustainable development.

He is also active in civil society action for institutional reform in post GE14 Malaysia. His motivation and guiding principles are based on biblical teaching for justice, peace and reconciliation. He and his wife Rose worship at DUMC Petaling Jaya where he is active in the Citizens Network for a Better Malaysia. 

Prof. Denison’s topic: 

The Seven Mountains Mandate; being Salt in the Public Space.

The Malaysian experience.

21 July, Sat. 4.00-5.30 pm

at The Hub 15 Augusta Street, Willetton, Perth. 

See also his article

Building A Better Malaysia

in Asian Beacon July 49/2 2017.

page 32 Used by permission

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