Issue – 46 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2019 May 12 The Invisible Woman

by This video shared with permission from Fresh Brewed Life, Inc. and Nicole Johnson

Nicole’s sketch “The Invisible Woman” brings a powerful message of hope to every taken-for-granted woman in today’s world.


Mother’s Day 2019 May 12 No Charge


Well, when he finished readin’ He had great big old tears in his eyes And he looked up at me and he said, Mama, I sure do love you.
Then he took the pen, And in great big letters…


Mother’s Day 2019 May 12 Date with a Woman


Moral of the Tale: At that moment, I understood the Importance of saying in Time: ‘I LOVE YOU!’ and to give our Loved Ones the Time that they Deserve. Nothing in Life is more important than God, your Family and friends. Give them the Time they Deserve, because these Things cannot be Put Off till ‘Some Other Time.’



A Word from Goldie                   March/April 2019  Issue 46

Memes Foto Fun Results

Results of Foto Fun in #45 Feb

Melaka Encounters 

We spent the first 16 years of our newly married life in Melaka so we always love Melaka. In November last year, we spent a few weeks there. We usually pray for God to arrange divine appointments for us every day.  God answered our prayer wonderfully. Read more

We visited several churches with interesting results:

Gateway Bahasa Church

In Pastor Lee Neo’s Gateway Bahasa Church we had an encounter with the Holy Spirit’s Fire Fire, witnessing His deliverance and cleansing power, demonstrated with  a demonic encounter and a testimony of Self Deliverance.

City Community Church

In Pastor Joanne’s vibrant church, a guest preacher ( a retired Singapore high court judge) challenged us to ask what God’s plan and instructions are for our lives,  I felt  God spoke and then it happened

Wesley Methodist Church

Wesley Melaka was our beloved home church for 16 years before we left for Hongkong. 

On Sunday when we went to Wesley we met Lilian Tan and Wan Sim Mei. We thank God that we were Seeing fruit 50 years later.

We were also there at the right time to meet Wesley’s new pastor Rev. Teoh Lee Yng who followed the footsteps of her father to be a pastor. As former members, we welcomed her to her new assignment.

In this church, we got to know the interesting  Chuah family, several of them doctors who like to write. 

We have created a special feature titled YOUR GARDEN PLOT where we provide a platform for writers to share their experiences which we hope will edify many outside their circle of influence. 

In this issue, we feature a variety of articles (like different plants in a garden) from the Chuah family of Melaka.

We have Dr Chuah writing about A would-be pastor who became a doctor

His eldest daughter Sze Ning wrote ‘Letters to Myself‘ about experiences before and after her graduation as a doctor. 

His younger daughter Jia Ning in Hi! Mak Cik! shared a random act of kindness in school.

More Encounters 

Melaka Ladies Christian Fellowship

The Melaka Ladies Christian Fellowship is always the group we love to share with.

This group of many distinguished lady leaders from different churches has been meeting for a long time under the leadership of their well respected and beloved  Miss Gan.  Especially we rejoice when we have feedback in  A Lesson Applied from our sharing.

AB ExCo meets Melaka supporters

As the long-lived Christian magazine, Asian Beacon was first started in Melaka we took the opportunity

 to invite the present Executive Board to have a  renewal meeting with the AB supporters from Melaka.

It was most encouraging to see how faithfully so many have been writing, distributing, promoting this magazine in the past 49 years.

This occasion also enabled the ExCo to bond and get to know one another.

Robert and Rosalind Chong, faithful distributors of AB treated the team to a Melaka specialty pork satay dinner.

Our Perth family visits Melaka

Below: The Lian family

Our second daughter Jasmine and her whole family from Perth joined us for a one-day trip in Melaka. We took the chance to take them to visit our former haunts.

When Tek’s brother Kwong Tart retired from his practice, we were praying that some Christian ministry would use the vacant clinic premises.

We praise God that our dear friend Pastor Moses Tay of Gateway Church introduced us to  Pastor Angeline Teoh’s Feeding the Poor (Open your hand wide) and Pastors Jeremiah and Phebe who pastor Vineyard City Church, a Tamil congregation (Called back to my own people). We were delighted with their good work. So we invited them to share their touching testimonies.

Open your hand wide

by Angeline Lim

Feeding the poor in Melaka town


Called back to my own people

by Phebe Santhy

God prepared me to start a Tamil ministry in Melaka


Fire Fire

By Tek & Goldie Chong

In Gateway BM Church, the whole church was taken on a cleansing and renewal exercise. Practical demonstrations included a demonic encounter and a testimony of  self deliverance from harmful blockages.



By  Kang Ai Lin

Setting yourself free can be done alone anytime and anywhere

Read More

At City Community Church I received a personal assignment which GOD enabled me to fulfil.

GOD Spoke And It Happened

A personal assignment from GOD

By Goldie Chong


Seeing Fruit 50 Years Later.

50 years ago when we lived in the same neighbourhood…

By Goldie Chong

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At Wesley Methodist Church we met the remarkable Chuah family of writers

A Would-Be Pastor Who Became A Doctor

By Dr Chuah Seong York

According to his gifting, William Osler influenced a wide medical field


Letters to Myself

by Chuah Sze Ning

My future self is watching me right now so learn the lessons well


Hi! Mak Cik

by Chuah Jia Ning

Target anyone to show a bit of kindness



by Chua Wee Hian

Surprisingly my year of adventure turned out to be an eye-opening fallow season. What did I learn?.



by Chua Wee Hian

Laughter is a Medicine with no side effects.