issue – 47

A Word from Goldie                   Issue 47 June 2019

A Life well-lived 

We celebrate the home-going of our beloved friend Chan Kok Beng of Penang. One of our highlights, when we visited Penang, several years ago, was to have fellowship with this humble man. Although he had to spend three times a week on a kidney dialysis machine, he was very much living his life to the full. He was a perfect host, taking us around to the best hawker stalls.

Kok Beng was a worship leader, songwriter and Christian recording artiste who has released more than five albums, having written more than 50 songs. Saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, he spent the earlier part of his ministry reaching out to the small churches in the East Coast of Malaysia. Bi-vocational, he served as a minister in worship as well as a bank officer.

Then God called him to full-time ministry and he was ordained. In spite of his physical condition, he felt his sacred call to go to smaller congregations to help them in worshipping the Lord. He touched many lives, ushering them into the throne room of God.  His life is a testimony of God’s grace and provision, experiencing countless miracles in his life. He leaves behind his wife, two daughters and two grandchildren in Penang.  (A Life well-lived read more)

Second generation of Chongs 

We came upon an old photo which appeared in Asian Beacon about 40 years ago. It shows the children of Tek and his siblings Wai and Ming. Now in their 50s, they each have a meaningful testimony.

From Left – Right

1. David Chong a plastic surgeon in Melbourne. His ministry is donating his time traveling with mission teams doing constructive surgery.
2. Lincoln Wee is a law lecturer in Singapore. He with his family were missionaries in Japan for several years.
3. Cristal Chong is serving in China as a tent maker.
4. Milton Wee serves in a church in Singapore looking after church facilities.
5. Jasmine Chong a dedicated mother in Perth has brought up three committed Christian children
6. Avril Chong, a much-loved doctor who passed away suddenly of a cardiac arrest two years ago in Perth leaving  a husband and two children.

Mercy Missions 

The life-transforming operations that bring bright futures to children in Third World countries are possible because of dedicated medical personnel. We are proud to follow David’s adventures in Doctor at Sea and Mercy ships (Doctor at Sea and Mercy ships read more)

Chua Wee Hian’s Notes & Quotes 

Celebrating his 80th year Wee Hian continues ministering in different countries, mentoring disciples, writing, speaking, etc. He was the first Asian General Secretary of the International Inter-varsity Fellowship (IVFI).

He was the founder-pastor of the Emmanuel International Church in London, one of the churches attended by many  British parliamentarians He and King Ling were the ones who encouraged us to write the book Lovers For Life with them in the 1960s which catapulted us into the Christian family adventure.

We are still benefitting from this subject in our own marriage as we share new insights and experiences with other families. On his so-called retirement, he was even busier when invitations poured in for him to speak in camps, conferences and do consultancy work in many churches all over the world.

We marvel at the way the Chuas are still going strong in the ministry. We take this opportunity to thank him for gracing our Blog with his Notes & Quotes every month. (Notes & Quotes read more)

Confessions of a stepmother 

Mothers Day can be a happy or unhappy day for different mothers.  We met Melinda Yeoh in a cell meeting in KL and having found out she has her own blog, we invited her to post this testimony of her thoughts as a stepmother on Mother’s Day in Malaysia.  (Confessions of a stepmother read more)

A Life well-lived

by Goldie & Tek Chong

We celebrate the home-going of our beloved friend Chan Kok Beng of Penang



Doctor at Sea

Interviewed by Georgina Ainsworth

David Chong is Tek’s nephew who studied medicine at the University of Western Australia then specialized in plastic surgery. His passion –  repairing harelips.



Mercy ships

by Mercy ships Press

For 40 years, Mercy ships helped bring hope and healing to countless children. They now celebrate a milestone  — the 100,000th surgical procedure!


Confessions of a stepmother

by Melinda Yeoh

The thoughts of a stepmother on Mothers Day




by Chua Wee Hian

Celebrating his 80th year Wee Hian continues ministering in different countries, mentoring disciples, writing, speaking.



by Chua Wee Hian

Laughter is a Medicine with no side effects.