Issue – 50

A word from the Chongs; December 2019

2019 is a significant year for us as we celebrate several happy events:

50th issue of our blog since we started in October 2014

Our aim for the blog

Tek and I have been involved in publishing and editing the Christian magazine Asian Beacon since its inception in 1969 in Melaka, Malaysia.

Because of our interest in literature ministry, we collected many articles, testimonies, ideas, etc. which we wished to share so we started our own digital blog in 2014.

Our readers are mainly our own friends and contacts who we wish to keep in touch with and to share our lives and experiences.

We also invite those with interesting testimonies and stories to share their stories thereby using our Blog to be a platform for them to reach a wider audience.

Our aim is to keep in touch with friends & relatives far and wide and to promote edifying thoughts, events and experiences.

The first issue was published on 12 October 2014

The 50th Anniversary of our involvement with Asian beacon which started in 1969 in Melaka

Asian Beacon has now gone completely digital:

Go to the website for the latest articles

The 50th Anniversary of our involvement with Asian beacon which started in 1969 in Melaka

Celebrating 55 Years of Marriage

Tek and Goldie Chong 55 years and more to comeWhen my sister Jenny congratulated us on our 5oth wedding anniversary she asked, “will it last?” We pray it will, after all, we have 50 years of trial and error!

My other sister Sansan added, “You pray your marriage will last after 50 years. I’m sure that God will grant you this prayer. Now pray that YOU will also last to enjoy them”

This we are not sure God will answer. But on Boxing Day 26th Dec 1964 we promised each other that for better or worse, for richer and poorer, through sickness and in health, till death will we part. Our prayer is that we will not leave this earth separately but together. But then God’s grace is sufficient whatever happens.

Interestingly like Tek and me, these are also monogamous animals which mate for life: Gibbons, Swans, French Angel Fish, Wolves, Penguins, Termites, Prairie Voles, Bald Eagles, Parasitic Schistosoma Mansoni Worms & not least of all Cockroaches

Most mammals have “Love ’em’ and Leave ’em’ ” relationships but Prairie voles mate for life, sharing nest-building and an equal role in raising their young.

Schistosoma Mansoni Worms live in the blood vessel near the human intestine.

Prairie Vole

Prairie Vole

Schistosoma Mansoni Worms

Schistosoma Mansoni Worms

Most significantly 25 December is the Birthday of Jesus Christ. What is your response to the birth of this Baby?  Read more

What is your response to the birth of this Baby?

Chua Wee Hian’s Notes and Quotes (Nov. & Dec. 2019)

 chua wee hian's notes And quotes (nov/dec 2019)

Dear Fellow Communicators,

This will be the final issue of NOTES AND QUOTES.

The first no-frills edition of Quotes appeared in January 2014. Compiling nearly 70 issues have proved stimulating and satisfying. I’ve been encouraged by many of you who incorporate some of the quotes in your preaching and writing. Thank you too for forwarding these monthly bulletins to others.

Someone asked how long it takes me to prepare and edit a single issue. I reckon it averages around 12 hours of reading and note-taking plus two hours for presenting the materials. Meeting deadlines has been a challenge. I have decided to spend the next year or two completing a book that I started writing a year ago. As I write, I have in front of me hard copies of past issues. I can mine from the treasury of quotes that I had collected and stored.

Recently, King Ling and I have been watching TV re-runs of Poirot and Father Brown. We were quite astonished that most of these episodes were “new” to us. We keep saying to one another, “We haven’t seen this before”. Halfway through one of us might suddenly remember a particular scene and yet we could not identify the killer or villain. So it is with the lead article in this issue. After writing and polishing it, I happen to glance at the August 2019 edition. Lo and behold I discovered that I’ve covered the same ground. Repeats are sometimes useful. I’ve based this final contribution on the original notes of the sharing of our family vision, values and journey with our three sons, their wives and their children. I’m happy for you to listen in. NOTES AND QUOTES. Read more


by Chua Wee Hian

Laughter is a; Medicine with no side effects.