God’s Hand is still on Marcus…. and me

Asian Beacon Nov-01

Marcus 12 years old

By Boxson Low Heng Ong

Read about Marcus’s first miracle at age 12 and now below his second miracle at age 32 (seeGod Has His Hand on MarcusThis article appeared in Asian Beacon in Nov/Dec 1996 vol 28 no 6 & 7)

My-Testimony-LDS-MormonIt has been some 20 years since our Lord miraculously healed my son Marcus of a malignant brain tumour in 1994 at the age of 12 and yet I still had this lingering fear of a recurrence despite my travelling all over the country and even overseas to glorify His Name. My wife Kristin on the other hand had no doubt that when the Lord healed, He healed completely.

On 1st May 2014 that lingering fear turned to grave apprehension when Marcus called to inform me that he had a headache and was resting in his apartment in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. I was very worried when I learned the next day that the headache was still persisting despite taking Panadol. It was a pounding headache on one side of his head. Out of concern, I rushed to his apartment some two hours away by road to fetch him back to our hometown Malacca.

Back home there was still no improvement even after a few days of rest. It soon became so bad that his vision was affected and he could not even read the print in the newspapers. But he was reluctant to see any medical specialist, probably of out fear too. Kristin and I had no choice but to get him to a Specialist Hospital in Malacca. That was on the morning of 7th May.

It was a long wait at the eye clinic. I was all worked up and praying very hard. Suddenly God dropped into me,

Do not be anxious over anything but by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving seek God for your requests.Phil 4:6.

I felt very much comforted. However I started to panic when the eye specialist said there was nothing wrong with his eyes which meant the next course of action was to see a brain specialist which was what I had feared most. Immediately thereafter we saw a well-known neurosurgeon at the Hospital that noon. To our utter dismay he inexplicably refused to take up Marcus’ case but instead advised us to go back to the Kuala Lumpur neurosurgeon who had treated him 20 years ago. We left the Hospital devastated.

The appointment with the Kuala Lumpur neurosurgeon was fixed for the following day. Kristin and Marcus left for Kuala Lumpur that same evening and I was to join them the following morning at the clinic. Alone in my bedroom that night I was completely paralyzed by fear of what the situation would turn out to be in the next 24 hours.

Again for the second time in one day, 7th May, God spoke to me

Why are you so fearful when I had already healed your son? Isn’t My healing more powerful than all the afflictions of sicknesses in the world?

I broke down and cried profusely in repentance to the Lord. Peace then flooded my heart.

The next morning while on the road to Kuala Lumpur and feeling very refreshed in the Lord, I texted Kristin to say “the Lord’s blessings are upon all of us who trust in the Name of Jesus. God is sovereign and He does things His way but I know that all is well and all will be well for us all”.

Subsequently Kristin called me from the neurosurgeon’s clinic to say that Marcus had already seen the doctor and a physical examination showed that all was well but that this needed to be confirmed by a CT scan. After another anxious long wait for the scan result, we were finally able to see the neurosurgeon again in the late afternoon for the final result. “Another miracle” the doctor exclaimed “Marcus’ brain is all clear. There is no tumour!” He could still remember Marcus after some 20 years. He explained it was acute migraine which had caused the pounding headache on one side of his head and which had also caused his vision to be affected. Simple medications should take care of everything. Indeed after one week everything cleared up.

I now realize that the whole episode was God’s way of dealing with my lingering fear. I have been sharing publicly the testimony of His miraculous healing upon my son but yet at the back of my mind was this lingering fear and anxiety. God had to take that away. He had also blocked our knee-jerk reaction for our son to come under that well-known neurosurgeon in Malacca who knew nothing of Marcus’ past so that His glory may be manifested again through the same doctor who had treated Marcus 20 years ago. God’s ways are higher than our ways! I thank God for walking with me through the valley of the shadow of death.

Now I have the faith to declare

…. for I know the One in whom I trust, and I am sure that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until the day of His return.”  2 Timothy 1:12.

All was well. All is well. And all will be well. God is a perfect God, He will not do things halfway – what He has begun He will bring to a good conclusion.

The Low family (Marcus on left)

As I look back at those few days of deep anxiety, I realised it is my Lord God who wanted me to learn to trust Him. Unlike my dear wife who had calmly rested in the comforting hand of her Master, I had many a time allowed that lingering fear to grip me when I should have held on steadfastly to the faithfulness of my God. Indeed the date 7th May 2014 will remain indelibly in my mind. In my faithless darkest hours of despair and despondency, His loving hand had reached out to me to strengthen me in my faith in Him. Twice He personally spoke to me in those darkest hours of 7th May. And the following morning He even led me to text my wife that all would be well and everything indeed turned out perfectly well.

I have yet again tasted His goodness and saw how He kept His promise to give me the peace that transcends any human understanding to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.  He had taught me to trust Him in fair weather and in storms. Personally for me now, whatever befalls me I will hold fast to Him

….and though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines ….yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my saviourHab 3:17-18.

What a perfect teacher my God is![1]Fn01 *Boxson Low’s testimony about Marcus’ healing was first published in the Asian Beacon vol 28/6 & 7 Nov / Dec 1996 and in the FGBMF Voice PP 8257/6/97. He is now retired and is involved … Continue reading end48

Malacca 03.10.2014

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1 Fn01 *Boxson Low’s testimony about Marcus’ healing was first published in the Asian Beacon vol 28/6 & 7 Nov / Dec 1996 and in the FGBMF Voice PP 8257/6/97. He is now retired and is involved with the ministry of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF) in Malaysia. He also serves in the Advisory Board of his local church Gateway Christian Fellowship Malacca.

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