A Fall and A Bandage

Louise and her husband David Chu our longtime friends head the Youth For Christ organization in Hongkong. Recently we visited them and ministered in their Ministry to the Elderly and China leaders training program. Over dinner Louise shared….

Son Joshua, Louise, David, Goldie, Tek

Joshua (son), Louise, David, Goldie, Tek

While performing a dance I received two miracles in…….

A Fall and a Bandage

By Dr Louise Hooi Chu

We were on a missions trip to Shenzhen, China.  In the daytime we provided medical care for the people, teaching them about personal hygiene. In the evening we put on a show of singing, miming, gospel message, etc. It was my first time of ministry in China and I had the opportunity to dance for God in a big warehouse. Before dancing, I asked the audience of about a hundred people to come forward to receive the presents we had brought.  In my excitement I didn’t realize I was getting too near the edge of the stage.  In a flash I dropped down 8 feet to the ground. Too late, the person next to me was not fast enough to catch me and the other performers were on the other side of the stage, too stunned to move.  The audience gasped in horror. But to everybody’s surprise I got up and was able to continue my dance – and without pain. My prayer was, “O Lord, let these people see you are a mighty miracle-working God who has protected me!”

The next day I felt pain in my ankle.  I must have sprained the muscle.  I needed a tubular elastic  bandage to stabilize it.  I went to three dispensaries but they sold only Chinese medicine and had no bandages. We were about to go back to our hotel when we saw a stationery shop next door.  We went in just to take a look.  Just as we were going out the entrance, out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a package of bandage. I bought it and took it back to the hotel.  Wonder of wonders – of all the sizes and shapes, it fitted my ankle exactly! My friends exclaimed, “Wow, we can’t find this kind of bandage in Hongkong. Let’s go back and buy some more.”  The shopkeeper was perplexed, “We don’t sell bandages.”  How God loves me to protect me from injury in an 8-foot fall onto a concrete floor and then provided the exact bandage I needed to stabilize my ankle. God is really Almighty God. end48

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