The Future of Work

Jan. 3-9 2015 issue of The Economist.

It vividly outlines what the market place and labour market will look like in a matter of months. It focuses on the on-demand economy where entrepreneurs bring together computer power with freelance workers to supply goods and services. With a credit card and the specialist company app, you can have the services of medical consultants, legal experts at your door within two or three hours. You can order chauffeur or cleaners services and even get someone to stock up your fridge.

Freelancers can undercut big law firms and over-centralised corporations. It can help students and professionals to supplement their incomes; young mothers can combine bringing up children and part-time jobs; skilled semi-retirees can return to part-time paid tasks.

The well-researched articles on pp. 5 and 13-16 are too long to summarise! You need to read this if you want to be on the cutting edge of job-creation and visionary management.


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