“I would never have learnt this otherwise…”

Ho Lee went on a mission’s trip with us and experienced a personal miracle. He said, 

By Dr. Ng Ho Lee

My wife Kim came back from her exercise class one Monday and announced that she had met a pastor there who was going on a mission’s trip to Cambodia. “I have decided to go with them.  Do you want to go?” My immediate apprehension was the toilet facilities in Cambodia.  Kim said she has been assured that the hotel we would be staying in has modern facilities.

So I agreed to go and bring our son too who is thirty three years old with Downs Syndrome.

I wondered what I could contribute on the trip. 

The leaders suggested that since I was a retired general practitioner, I could give some talks to the teachers in the school we were going to on general hygiene, first aid, and health issues relating to children.

I was concerned we were to stay in a very cheap hotel (at a rate of USD 25 per night).  Actually this was a specially discounted rate for mission teams connected with Glad Tidings Church, Singapore which runs the school. As it was so cheap we decided to take two rooms, one for Kim and me and the other for our son.

Two weeks prior to our departure, we had dinner with a friend from Singapore. He is very experienced and has been to many missions to different parts of the world. When we told him that we were going to Cambodia, he advised us to be prepared spiritually and to ask our church members to cover us in prayer.  He warned, “Cambodia has gone through very horrible times during Pol Pot’s regime.

There have been reports of headless spirits appearing in hotels….

We became quite worried so we requested for a suite so that our family could all stay together. None was available so we had no choice but to take two separate rooms.  We hoped everything would be fine as we had the prayers of everyone back home in Perth.

Now whenever I travel, I would bring along a small container to soak my dentures.  

This container was already damaged but I still brought it along as I thought I could buy a new one in Singapore.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time.  When Kim saw the damaged container she remarked annoyingly, “why did you still bring this broken thing along!?”

That night I did my usual routine, filling the container with water and “Steradent”. I knew the solution would normally drain out after half an hour as the container was cracked.

After we prayed and sanctified the room with the blood of Jesus and invited Him to be the Lord of the room, we settled into bed.

We slept peacefully right through.

When I woke up the next morning, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. To my surprise, when I reached into the container for my dentures, I saw that it was still full with the solution. I shouted excitedly to my wife, “Come.  Look at this!” We looked for the crack, but it was no longer there. Instead there was a very fine hairline crack, only visible under bright light or sunlight.

God had miraculously repaired it so that it no longer leaked.

What did I learn from this? This container is now treasured as a reminder of their personal miracle

 Firstly, God assured me that His Presence is with me always.  He who is within me is greater than the enemy without (headless spirits or whatever).

 Secondly He can restore me and make use of me no matter how broken or useless I may be – like the damaged container.

 Thirdly, to see a miracle I have to be willing and obedient. I’ll always remember these lessons in Cambodia. end48

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