Broken and Its Hot! “Air-Con System”

(setting the scene) Middle of Summer in Western Australia Temperatures have consistently soared beyond 30 degrees in Perth this summer, leading to an average maximum of 32 degrees. This is likely to be the fifth hottest summer on record. 

Our evaporative system broke down a few days ago.

And we prayed that the air con man can fix it without any major repairs.

He came this morning and found that there was a burnt wire which caused the trip.

Peter-Herlina-Chee-150wHe repaired it for only $120.

The burnt wire could have burnt the whole house down. Praise God for saving our house and answering our prayer for a reasonable repair fee.

Peter & Herlina Chee (Perth) end48


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  1. February 2015: Feedback from readers for ArticleBroken and Its Hot! “Air-Con System”

    Must be my old age, with blood getting thin!

    All this summer I am feeling cold most of the time even with the high temp outdoor.
    We have our huge 4 panel full height glass doors with curtains drawn open all day and have not turned on my air-con all this summer yet.

    Eddie Chow

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