Going Through Chemo

By Violet Njo Dickson

My ordeal began in the first week of January with the discovery of two lumps on my right breast. A series of tests and investigations were carried out revealing and confirming the dreaded “C” word in its 2nd stage. A right breast mastectomy was done followed by an intense 12 weeks of chemotherapy which ended in May 2015.

I praise the Lord that in my time of need, I have many Christian friends praying for me. This gave me the courage to trust the Lord and believe his Word in the midst of challenging circumstances. I believe “The name of Jesus is above every name“ (Phil. 2:9) – it is above all tumours, cancers, heart diseases etc.

I learned not to be shaken by the doctor’s diagnosis – I just deny that it is the final word because God’s Word supersedes the word of men. I don’t deny that cancer exists; I just deny it has a right to exist in my body. So, by faith, I devised a simple strategy for my healing by praying and claiming the healing verses in the Bible. “God’s Word is life and medication to my flesh“ (Proverbs 4:22) I believe to reinforce it, I take Holy Communion 3 times a day together with my medication.

By God’s grace and mercy, I went through 12 weeks of chemotherapy with a smile. It was not pleasant but tolerable. I documented each cycle with a photo of myself being hooked up on to the intravenous drips and emailed it to my prayer partners for their prayer support.

The nurses at the chemo ward were very obliging. They allowed me to pray over the chemo solution before they put it up to be infused into my body. Aloud, I prayed “In the name of Jesus, I sanctify and consecrate this pack of chemo solution to be the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus will heal and cleanse me of all cancer cells.” I even had opportunity to share my salvation testimony with two nurses.

I went through it all without any drama ….I have never once felt nauseous nor vomited. My appetite was good and I’ve never missed a meal.


In fact I have put on 4 kg. The only side effects of the chemotherapy is the complete loss of hair which I skilfully disguised with wigs, hats and scarves.

Without knowing of my condition, people remarked how rosy and radiant I look.

Actually the rosy look is the reaction from the chemotherapy….I don’t need to apply blusher on my cheeks. God is so good – He gives me only the good side-effects. 

 I never miss an opportunity to say that I look so well because God is so good. I take each day as God’s gift of life to me. I count each day and make each day count. I am also grateful to my prayer partners for their love and support and going through every step of this journey with me. My treatment is over! I am now on the way to complete recovery and restoration and looking forward to having a full head of hair! END

Violet and her husband Ian attend our Oikos Fellowship in Perth


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