Random Acts of Kindness

A Warm Blanket

God knew I was weak and exhausted

By Rosalind Mok

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When I arrived at the hospital at around 3pm I was looking for a moment for a quick, desperate lie down for my aching body.  I found that moment when Tony finally settled to a sleep. 
 While I was clearing the bench for myself, I thought I would look for a blanket when in walked a christian nurse…all the way from the nurses’ station. With the room door half ajar, she stretched her hand to me with a heated blanket  (warm blankets are only for patients who really need it).  She said, “you need to take a good rest – here’s a warm blanket for you.” I was shocked that a blanket “walked” to me!  I am so touched by God’s love – only He knew how much I needed that rest and a blanket to keep me warm.  My body was down so I was feeling the chills of the aircon.  God not only gave me blanket but a heated one from the warmer cabinet.  It was so comforting. I hardly knew that nurse.  And nurses hardly bring warm blankets to patients on their own accord. But this one brought it to me. And I am not even a patient. God is telling me that he sends angels to us all the time.  He knows all about us.  He loves us.  God loves me! END

Note: Rosalind reported that she just received a text from a friend, “I don’t know what time this happened but as I made my way back home around 1.40pm you came to mind and I quickly said a prayer for the Holy Spirit to wrap you warmly in His wings.  Thank you Lord for translating this prayer into reality through a caring nurse.  God, your love for Ros is awesome.”
“Not enough?  Let me…..”
By Goldie Chong  [June 2015]

I just wanted to buy one item in the Chinese shop so I decided to use up the coins in my purse. 

Emptying everything on the counter I exclaimed, “oh dear, I don’t have enough.”   A man behind me put down a 50c coin. 

I thought he was paying for his own purchase but the cashier said, “That’s just right.”  

 I then realized he was making up my shortfall.  I turned to thank him but he had left.

Then I saw a student picking up a canned drink off the counter and going towards the cashier.  Stopping in his tracks he mumbled, “forgot to bring my money – have to go home to get it.”  I said, “don’t  worry, let me pay for you.” He smiled broadly.  I continued, “let me tell you why I am paying for you….. you see just now…..” After I told him my story I said, “now you go and do something for someone else.”end48

Make me a blessing… He did
By Sim Ling Ai Hiong  [June 2015]

It was a hot and humid day, and I was driving to the market. As I often do, I talk to God as I drive. It’s such a beautiful experience to be able to sense God’s Presence as you go through the hours of each day, bringing Him into everything you do and asking Him to guide and help you, even in the simplest thing you do, acknowledging that without Him I can do nothing” (John 15:5). I prayed, and asked God to make me a blessing to someone that day.

At the market I parked my car, and walked through the shops to get to the market. As I was walking, I felt a tug at my skirt. I looked around and saw a little Indian girl. I saw the saddest face I had ever seen. She looked sad, hungry and lifeless. She was still tugging at my skirt. Then she directed me to her mother and two little brothers sitting on the floor nearby. There on the floor they displayed some small dry onions, chillies and potatoes, hoping someone would buy them. I took a look at them and decided that they would be of no use to me.

As I started to walk away, I noticed the sad and hungry faces once again.

Then I sensed an inner voice speaking to me, “I thought awhile ago you prayed and asked me to make you a blessing to someone today?” “I know I did, Lord, but….those onions and other stuff….they are all stale!” I walked on.

After I did my marketing, I took the same route back to my car. I walked past the family who was still huddling together around their little display.

Just do it!  As I drove home, my heart was still troubled with what the ‘inner voice’ had said to me earlier. When I got home, I started to pack away the things I had bought. Then a strange thing happened. It was like a revelation – all of a sudden I knew what God wanted me to do. He wanted me to cook a nice meal and bring it back to that hungry family.

Alright Lord, if that’s what you want me to do, I will obey you.

I cooked some rice and a couple of dishes, and hurried back to the market place, praying that the family would still be there. They were! I wasn’t sure if they recognised me, but it didn’t matter. I stooped beside them and gave them the food I had cooked. Tears filled their eyes and mine. We couldn’t speak each other’s language, but somehow we connected. Then I saw the sweetest smiles I hadn’t seen for awhile. They were smiles of gratitude, happiness and hope. I handed them the spoons and plates and they enjoyed the food heartily.

They didn’t finish all the food; they kept half for the next meal. By then I was feeling a little embarrassed, as I noticed the crowd around us watching what was going on.  We exchanged smiles. Then I made my way home. As I was driving home, the Lord brought to my mind the passage in Matthew 25: 31-40, and I could sense God telling me, ….I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…..I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of these my brothers of mine, you did it for me. My heart was filled with joy as I drove home.

Channels Obedience brings blessing and joy, and I was glad that I obeyed God’s voice that day.

There are needy people everywhere. If we listen carefully and are sensitive to the leading of The Holy Spirit, He will lead you to people you can help. May God help us, and make us channels of blessing for Him.end48

An intentional donation
By Tek Chong  [June 2015]
We were on our way to the neigbourhood supermarket. At the store front stood a young man with a donation tin. Winter evenings in Perth is a gloomy time. It was getting dark and a cold chill had set in. People were hurrying into the warm store or rushing home for dinner.

Not many were willing to stop to give any donation. I decided to ask him, what is the charity organisation you are collecting for? “ Foundation for children with epilepsy, Sir.” he politely replied. His soft voice told me that people had not been very generous that evening. I opened my wallet.


Inside I found a 50cents coin and a $20 bill.

Do a random act of kindness to this young man. He needs some encouragement an inner voice spoke to me.

I pulled out the bill and pushed it into his tin. The bright smile that burst on his face and his response, “ Oh thank you Sir!” told me that  not only had I donated to a good cause, I had also encouraged a young man in his effort to do good.end48


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