A Song in the Night

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Tek, Goldie, KB, Ann & Grandkids
We’ve known KB for over 20 years and are amazed at his faithfulness and joyful attitude in serving God in the midst of long-term ill health. We met up recently in Penang and witnessed how God has been equally faithful to him and given him….


                                   A Song in the Night

               I can sing in the day and I can also sing in the night

                                                                                         By Pastor KB Chan

KB ChanI was working in a bank for 23 years when I felt God call me to serve him full time. I resigned and travelled to different towns ministering in music and song as a one-man band carrying 25 lbs. of equipment in my caravan. Thinking I would be used in full time music ministry I was devastated when at age 47 I faced death when both my kidneys failed. I had no idea then that God wanted to use me as a trophy of His grace and to reflect His Glory. He has used the situation in my life to transform me and change me to be the man He wants me to be. I now understand what He meant when He declared, “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” (Rom.9:17)

The doctors only gave me a few years to live in my condition. But I have gone through 4 major operations and many minor vein operations and nearly died many times. The doctors have removed my kidneys, parathyroid glands, gall bladder and some veins. I suffer from high blood pressure, a pinched nerve in my spine and glaucoma. And on top of it all I have to do dialysis 3 times a week, 4 hours each time. But I have outlived everyone’s expectations. Being the longest surviving dialysis patient in the Centre the nurses call me ‘The Marathon Man’. People acknowledge me as a ‘walking miracle. My grandson calls me a ‘Holy Zombie’. I am in fact a corpse by His grace, energized by the Holy Spirit which enables me still to press on and travel ministering to churches around the length and breadth of the country sharing my songs and testimony. Now I am 68 years old and I have been a dialysis patient for 21 years and without kidneys for 11 years. Many people have said that I do not look like a dialysis patient and the old ladies in the dialysis centre said that I am still handsome! Indeed in my weakness God has become my strength.

                                                                                               Curse into blessing


Each kidney weighed 4.1kg

My disease is called ‘Polycystic Kidneys’ where cysts begin to grow all over and destroy all the functions of the kidneys resulting in kidney failure. It is hereditary as my Father also died of this sickness when he was 60 years old. But that which was supposed to bring death to me, is giving Glory to God. My kidneys are more famous than me because through the international ministry of Dr. Rev. Vernon Falls who interviewed me in his talk show, viewers give glory to God as their faith rise up when they see a man without kidneys still serving God. So God has turned the curse into a blessing to many.

New songs

I remember during my times of suffering and brokenness, crying to the Lord for healing, I would go to the keyboard to encourage myself and minster to God. God gave me many new songs. The tears that I shed on the keyboard have now become living water for those who are touched. “Intimacy” was written on the hospital bed when I went through the kidneys removal and I experienced amazing closeness to God. God has allowed me to go through brokenness because how can I tell people about love if I do not experience rejection; forgiveness if I have not forgiven; peace if I do not go through oppression, intimidation, despair and restoration if I have not gone through them myself?  God wants me to be a healer who has been wounded so I can help others who are wounded.

New ministry

Through my suffering, my ministry has extended to my fellow patients. When they have their treatments, they are very scared – they turn blue black, they see the big needles, they feel the pain, they endure the injections, they see the mounting cost….   I reach out to them, comfort them, answer their questions, explain to them about the treatment, advise them on their diet, clarify how to grow their own blood, direct them about what help is available, which organization can contribute to their cost, etc.  Many opened their hearts to the Lord with my baptizing them myself.

Deprived of my freedom, I could bring freedom to those imprisoned by fear, setting them free to trust their lives to God.  I was able to bring hope in a seemingly hopeless sickness.  When they saw I was alive after so many years, their faith arose. I could not have ministered like this if I had healthy kidneys.


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Thorn birds

There is a mythical bird that likes to live among the thorn bushes called ‘Thorn Birds’.  It is said that when they know that they are going to die, they will go to the thorn bushes and press themselves against the thorns. But before they die, they will sing the most beautiful song in their lives. Those who hear the beautiful song will know that it is the thorn bird’s last song. My final song would be to serve God with every ounce of strength and ability I have to present a beautiful song to please Him.

KB Chan-03

Receiving the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ from Gospel Music for contributions to gospel music in Malaysia


 On KB Chan Facebook he wrote:

What’s your opinion?

God has never failed me in my provisions and sustenance all these 22 years as a dialysis patient…praise His name. A Christian Hospital has been supporting me financially but now has withdrawn their financial support because I have survived too long and have overspent their financial provision for me! I am left hanging in the air and a Buddhist Organisation has offered to help me finance my dialysis expenditures. Being a Christian Minister for 27 years and still serving the Lord, can I accept this offer when the Christian body has failed? Can God provide for me thru a Buddhist Organisation? Will I still bring glory to God?

KB wrote again on 10 Dec.

I was in a dilemma. When the christian hospital that had sponsored my dialysis for 22 years said I have over spent their charity and wanted me to look to other organisations to provide for me….I was lost…I thought “if God does not show up…I will surely die…..”

At this time of need suddenly a non-christian organisation offered me help. I consulted people of God whether I should accept their offer. Although they were sincere and honest to advise me that God could use anybody to provide for me, deep in my heart I knew that this God that I have served will show up.  I believe He never fails…and if I trust Him I can bring glory to Him and the Church that represents Him instead of giving glory to this non- christian body and whatever god they represent. But I acknowledge their intentions are good and their mercy ministry is admirable.

So I chose to wait awhile …and sure enough I received a message from the Chairman of the Penang Ministers Christian Fellowship, asking what are my needs. They then started a Benevolent Fund to sponsor my basic dialysis needs. Praise the Lord! I give thanks to God for them for their willingness to help and affirm Jesus’ words that ‘ if you do it to the least of these brothers you are doing it to me’.

Truly God is El-Shaddai, the Lord who provides, the Breasted One, the Nourisher!

For more information please google KB Chan.

His email: sweetincense@hotmail.com


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