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From One Christian to Another  by Ho Ah Chye

By Tek Chong

The longest serving Editor of Asian Beacon, Ms Goh Poh Gaik recently gifted us with a book which she edited “From One Christian to Another”. To my joy it was written by a Malaysian ex- police officer turned property developer Mr Ho Ah Chye. True to form Ho writes like a police officer. With straight forward sentences, without flowery language, he wrote of incidences that happened in his life. As I turned the pages I was listening to one Malaysian Christian telling another Christian what God has done in his life. It is a simple tale yet full of wonders.

He begins with recalling events of his childhood days. This is fascinating because we shared the same childhood in Malacca (now Melaka).  With members of the Melaka Methodist Youth Fellowship we cycled to the Home where he stayed to lead singing and share stories. I recall with embarrassment, I did not share any Bible lessons but only some Chinese folk tales. Thankfully the Christian youths later did better, as narrated by Ah Chye.

It is interesting to read how a police officer describes God’s miracles. They are simply police reports of the various incidences: straight forward, accurate  statements of fact…. eye witness accounts.

Deciding to spend more quality time with his growing children, he opted for early retirement. After one month of life of leisure he was jolted: “Hey, at the age of 50 years it is too young to retire!” Then he embarked on his second journey and ended up building houses. What is even more exciting is he decided to be an honest property developer in Malaysia. Again he gave a factual report of his adventures of trusting in God to guide him through the various obstacles, the main challenge was bribery. Again & again he faced temptations, each time His God  proved that He is a trustworthy God.

All the proceeds of the sale of the book is donated to the MAP Ministries for Asia Pacific.

To order each book is priced at  RM20.00 plus RM2.00 postage. 

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