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6th Jan 2016

 Re: HT Long

mugshotFor us this new year has opened up with new hopes and promises of a brighter tomorrow. HT went to see the ophthalmologist and did some tests and his results are good. He has glaucoma and cataract. The doctor has scheduled him to do his right eye surgery on the coming Monday ie 11th Jan.

The past nine months have been difficult especially for HT after he got the stroke on the 30th March last year. His right side of his body, his voice and speech were affected. His sickness got worse as he went into slight depression. He lost part of his memories and sometimes he was emotionally and mentally weak. He became fearful and paranoid when I was not around. For a few months he refused to see anyone and would not allow the church friends to visit him except his siblings and a few of his close friends. I have to totally give up my work to take care of him.

His treatments and therapies are many and he need to see a different specialist each time a new ailment surfaced. It was like a delayed reaction of his sickness. His vision became worse too. He suffered much physically, became more depressed and he lost 15 kg. He refused to hear Christian messages not even Christian songs including his very own recordings. We didn’t go to church cos he said he felt very disturbed and uncomfortable. Sometimes he wondered whether God has abandoned him and I have to assure him always that our God loves him very much and He will never abandon or forsake him and that God has a special plan for him and is healing him slowly. But Praise God, everyday without fail we will pray together earnestly and we will take communion often. He always felt comforted after praying.

On the 1st Nov 2015 exactly 8 months after he got sick, he started to eat properly as his taste buds came back. Physically he became better and stronger and his voice is louder too. He became more cheerful and we started to go back to church. Last month December his memories start to come back and he wanted badly to call his dear friends to wish them “Merry Christmas”. He still doesn’t remember how to operate his computer and iPad as he also has forgotten the password. But, he managed to retrieve some of his contacts from his hand phone. Praise and thanks be to God, one of the persons he called is you, Goldie.

I believe it is God’s perfect timing that God use you to favour us. We tried going to the general hospital for his follow up but it was too stressful for him. He being depressed and emotionally unstable we felt he needs immediate attention to arrest his problems. So he has been doing his checkup in Sentosa Specialist Hospital Klang. HT’s medical expenses is a bit higher than expected and honestly we are getting a bit worried. We continue to seek God for healing and believe that all will be well again as in Ephesians 3:20 “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly……….

Today HT is still having some problems like numbness and pain on his right hand and leg. We trust that God will restore and heal him completely even though his doctor said that he can only recovers 80% of his handicap. We believe that after his eye operation, his recovery will be fast and good. We pray that God will use him again in another arena with a new gifting and maybe a different kind of ministry.

Susie Long ~ (Klang)

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